Sunday, May 16

Totally forgot

I totally forgot to upload this to you tube back in April so here you all go!

I have not forgotten about all you you, do not worry I have just been really busy house hunting and stuff.
Shall get some photos of my not so furry fur kids this evening.


Saturday, May 1

Summer coats are SO in this season!

Harry and Elspeth have been shedding so much over the past month or so, I fear they will vanish entirely!

I thought I should post some pics of them in their new coats. Harry has shed the most or more he lets me brush him more then Elspeth does.


He is in the Kitty carrier which he has decided to turn into a bed with a blanket and he is trying to pull a pillow in.

Still sticking her tongue out at the camera, some things never change!

Anyway it's duck jerkey time so TTFN!