Thursday, January 13

Inari and Kitsune - Love is in the air!

So recently when I have left the room Inari had made the oddest noise, I had no idea why he did this but it sure did sound odd.

One day last month I accidently left my video camera on for over 5 hours filming them and I had not gotten round to watching it all until the other day. (Less watch more listen). I noticed I had captured this sound!

So after I played the 'call' to Inari he started to reply weather I was in the room or not and then he started to get frisky with Kitsune. This happened for about two days, every time he would see her he would mount her.

After those two days he became the most loving mate following her everywhere, snuggling her and even letting her sleep in HIS bed! This has continued and as I type they are curled up together in his bed. (Inari being the little spoon as he is much smaller then Kit hehe!)

I think it is safe to say they love each other.

Today I played the sound for him once more and he did not reply, he also has not been calling at all since his two days of love.