Sunday, February 5

The first snow of the year

Today we had the first snow of the year which was very exciting for young miss Sapphire and I feel it was just what she needed to cheer her up.

Since Logan's passing life has been hard for Sapphire. She stayed inside with us for a while as she needed someone to be with her as she was accustomed to Logan being there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After a while we decided that after her walk we would put her in her enclosure to have a play with us which seemed to really perk her up!
Oddly though no matter how happy Sapphire might have looked she never "talked" bar to call Logan, no happy squeals at all. . .

When the weather started to get properly cold again we thought moving Sapphire back outside would be a good idea due to the central heating making her WAY too warm but she was not happy in her enclosure. I suppose that was as it was where she and Logan lived so we moved her to the enclosure we built for Logan. She seems much happier in there.

So today, as I was saying, we had our first snow!
I love the snow and since the day we got Sapphire I have been excited about this day. As Sapphire sleeps during the day when she is outside it was great to be able to be the ones to show her the snow:


Once she emerged from her house she had a good sniff of the snow:
Smells cold

Then a taste:
Tastes okay.

Or two:
Mmmm snow!

And then she was running around screaming like all of her Christmases had come at once!

She was having a most wonderful time until she noticed that her toys were gone so she had a break from her excitement to haul them all out from under the snow:


Once she knew Swiper was safe she went to watch the dogs rolling n the snow:
Dog's! What happened?!

Then continues frolicking:

And being Sapphire there was also a fair amount of kissing, weather her Daddy wanted kisses or not:

I shall try to film her in the snow tomorrow as I doubt I will go out bar to walk the animals as it is my day off and I have fox shaped cookie cutters to try! I got a whole set of woodland animals including a hedgehog, a squirrel, a bear, a snail, a moose and of coarse a fox! I might make fox shaped liver treats for the foxies.

Ikea cookie cutters

IKEA cookie cutters

Well I must be off. I have a whole day of playing in the snow with my two snow buddies (Sapphire and Audrey) tomorrow and I will need my sleep to keep up with the two of them.