Friday, June 25

Elspeth talks

I was looking through a SDHC card and noticed I had loads of videos of my babies I had not got round to uploading so heres one of Elspeth:


Sunday, June 13

Elspeth's corner

As you may all have noticed I have not been posting many blogs as of late. Do not worry nothing is wrong, just my internet security has decided that nothing is safe including my blog which make no sense at all so today I went to get a new internet security so now everything is back to normal.

So with the warm weather Harry and Elspeth have had no idea what do do with themselves! They have mostly been sprawled out in front of various fans around the house trying to cool down, they have also both decided they they are quite partial to frozen Mango now weather this is just as it is cold or they like the taste I am unsure but it keeps them happy.

Bedtime in their crate has been nothing but arguments as Harry wants to cuddle the same as in the winter but Elspeth really does not and gets very mad at Harry when he tries to. I tried getting them their very own fan so that instead of sharing mine which oscillates they could have one just pointing at them but this did not help so I tried separating them into two crates which also did not help as they screamed for one another even though they were next to one another. I decided in the end to get a second HUGE crate and attach it to the first and put Harry's favourite carrier and his blanket in there so maybe he would get the idea that Elspeth wants peace. It worked and I really have no idea how! I mean when they were in one crate Harry would not sleep away from Elspeth but now he seems to think of the extension as his own little night time play room.

I have also changed their suspended bed in Elspeth's crate to instead of being made of a pillow case and a pillow to being a baby changing mat, still with the bars through it of coarse to suspend it. I did this as Elspeth has gained weight and when she would sit on the fabric one after about seven nights is would rip and the pillow would fall out so I thought the plastic may be more hard wearing.... Well actually the day after I put it up she had half pulled it down and by the next day she had created herself a cave sort of thing at the back of the crate! It would seem she had been pulling it down all along! What a sneaky fox.

So now Elspeth has this very girly bit of the crate with her pink fleece blanket and her pink wall, it looks very nice! She also keeps everything she liberates back there which as of late has changed from underwear and onto soft toys and throw cushions.

The other day my partner got seven pairs of socks with foxes on them. He got me so many as Harry is a sock monster and always runs off with my socks and with 7 pairs there is a chance I might be able to retain a pair hehe!

Given they are red foxes but foxes none the less!

Monday, June 7

Baby girls seriously hurt in fox attack

Below quote taken from :
Officers and paramedics were called to a house in Homerton, east London, on Saturday night to reports that the animal had attacked the nine-month-old sisters.

A police source said the fox apparently entered through a door on the ground floor that had been left open for ventilation, before attacking the twins in an upstairs room. Their four-year-old brother, who was also sleeping upstairs, escaped injury.
Police said the little girls are in a "serious but stable condition" at the Royal London Hospital. They both suffered arm wounds and one of the girls is believed to have facial injuries.
After the attack, pest controllers set fox traps in the back garden. A fox was discovered in one of the devices on Sunday night and was humanely destroyed by a vet later
The above upsets me immensley and it is not just because I love foxes so much but that I did not think that people could sink so low.

I honestly do not think it was a fox.

Foxes are very timid animals, they do not like to be around humans so I really do not see one going into a house that to them will stink of humans.

As it was an urban fox I also do not think that it would be starved and thus I have no idea why it would attack a human, I mean we do not have rabies in this country and the only documented fox attacks I have heard of have been by rabid foxes.

Occasionally the press reports attacks on children that are said to be by foxes, but very often the bite wounds do not appear to be typical fox bites. It is not impossible that a child could be bitten by a fox but, if it occurs, it is extremely rare. In comparison, the risk of injury from domestic dogs and cats is very much higher. For example, in the USA about 5 million people are bitten by dogs each year and 15 to 20 people die from dog bites yearly. Most of the victims are children. Similarly, there are more than 400,000 cat bites each year in the USA. There are no good statistics from Britain, but it is likely that the number of dog and cat bites is around a fifth of those recorded in the USA. Even in countries where rabies is present, humans are much more likely to be bitten by a rabid domestic dog than by a fox.

The risks of people being attacked by a fox are negligible compared to the risks of being attacked by a domestic dog or cat.
(Above quote taken from

I honestly think it may well be a case of 'Oh no the dogs bitten the kids, say it is a wild animal so the dog is not put down.'.

I had to post about this as I feel people are to quick to blame the fox, the wolf and all other animals they they do not understand. I think it is deeply disturbing that just on one persons word and people are ready to go on a killing spree as they are affraid of what they do not understand...

Trapping and killing a random urban fox who may or may not have had anything what so ever to do with this is plain wrong and it upsets me immensely!

My heart is heavy and my head is held low as I am ashamed to be a human. I am however glad that Harry and Elspeth are part of my life and more importantly my daughters life and thus she will not turn out like any of the people involved in this.