Monday, February 7

Mouse in a blanket

Yesterday a friend of mine asked that I post some more photos of Harry and Elspeth but instead of just looking through my hundreds and hundreds of photos to find which ones I had not yet posted I decided to take some more. Tonight was mouse in a blanket night and mouse in a blanket night happens but once every month.

Mouse in a blanket is basically where I get them one new toy mouse that emits a squeaking sound, some rawhide sticks and a fleece rug. I then roll the mouse and treats in the blanket sort of like sweets in pass the parcel, the mouse is always the prize in the middle.

The two of them love this game as normally they unroll the blanket and take the treats and mouse only to them bury them away from each other in the blanket and then have the mouse randomly start to squeak again and have to be re-found.

I was going to photograph them playing but they were just too fast for my camera so I took the following photos when they had calmed down.

Elspeth- " I'm built like a what? A snowman?. . . What is a Snowman?"

Elspeth posing

Elspeth- " That feels soooooo goood!"

Elspeth- " Yep I'm checking my man's tail out, and?!"

Harry- "Nom?"

I also took this photo for scale. It is not good at all but Harry just happened to be standing next to a Emerge can (it was empty do not worry). Seeing as everyone knows how big a Redbull can is (the standard size one, not the huge ones you can get now) and, that an Emerge can is the same size you can somewhat see how small he is next to say for example Englands native red fox (Vulpes Vulpes).