Sunday, January 31


Yesterday Harry tipped over my washing basket and pulled out all of the clothing to make himself a hill to stand on and....Yawn! You know being naughty is hard work hehe.
Oh he also took this time to lick his nose hehe.

Wednesday, January 27


Harry and Elspeth Flashman now have a facebook account so if you would like to add them just search for HarryandElspeth Flashman!

Tuesday, January 26

Harry takes a bubble bath

This morning I was in the bath, like most other mornings when I do not have to go to uni. It was lovely and warm, I used loads of wild cherry bubble bath and it was so relaxing.

Harry was walking around next to the bath as he is terrified of the Bengal cat who at this point was sitting outside the bathroom door thus, Harry would not leave the room. (This has been our morning routine for about a week now.)

Harry often likes to look in to make sure I have not drowned and that the shampoo has not eaten my head.

So Harry put his paws on the side and looked in, I smiled at him as I assumed he was doing his normal thing but then he suddenly jumped into the bath!

I was totally taken by surprise and curled up at one end of the bath while Harry was smiling away swimming around!
I got out of the bath, wrapped a towel around myself when I called for my other half to look after Harry when I got my video camera.
Harry continued to swim around the bath in circles looking very pleased with himself until the camera beeped when I turnt it on and he jumped out.
I was just so totally amazed that he firstly wanted to have a bath with me and secondly likes to swim!
Really did not expect this.

I am now hugging my wild cherry scented fox who is still chuffed with himself.

Saturday, January 23

Yay for healthy eating!

A few weeks ago I was in the pet shop and I spotted a dog food called NatureDiet.
This was by chance as NatureDiet is a wet food and I seldom go down the wet food isle. It stood out as it was in a tray unlike most dog foods and it also had a tag on the shelf saying what the ingredents were.

I was curious and read it and it all looked quite good!:

Minimum 60% Real Meat

All our menus contain a minimum 60% meat content, except Senior/Lite Diet which has a higher vegetable content in order to lower calories.
Certified Holistic Product
All Naturediet menus are certified by the British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine.
May be Fed Warm
Naturediet menus may be fed warm if preferred.
100% Gluten Free
Ideal for dogs who require a gluten free diet or those suffering from skin sensitivity.
Highly Digestible
Containing only natural ingredients, Naturediet menus mirror the dog’s preferred natural diet.
No Artificial Ingredients
No artificial additives, preservatives, colourings or flavourings.
Affordable Quality
The cost of food is the biggest indicator of the quality of ingredients used.
Naturediet produces quality food at the most affordable price

So I started mixing this with their fave ferret food, some blue berrys, some kale and they love it! I mean this is amazing, it is good for them AND they eat it!

They both have always been very active but they have also both gained weight which is great. When I first got them the vets key worry was that Elspeth was very light I did not want to tell anyone so as noone would worry. I knew I could fatten her up and yesterday at her check-up it looks like I have hence the high praises for this food. Also it is not fat she has gained but muscle which is also good news.

Both Harry and Elspeth also get a chicken wing each before bed. The bones clean their teeth and I would never sleep without brushing my teeth so I figure they would not want to either.

Thursday, January 14

Tastes like chicken!

So at silly-o-clock at night on January 12th I was woken up by Harry and Elspeth. Their crate was making a horrid racket so I turned on the light to see them 'at it' for want of a better word.

They have been doing this allot as of late and I just turned off the light and left them to it.

So about 5 mins after I hear Elspeth YELL. Now she never normally makes any noise bar her good night gekkering but this was like she was being killed. I turn on the light and get her out of her crate to see that Harry in the throws of passion or just after has bitten THROUGH her ear!

It was very bloody and she was not fond of me cleaning it (I still did of coarse).
Harry was also not fond of me snatching her away as he was giving me horrid looks when I was trying to stop the bleeding.

I am very confused by this, why would he bite her like this?!

I posted about it on a forum I am on and annother fox owner thinks Harry may have been trying to bite her neck as most animals do when they are *cough* and missed.
I had thought this could have been possable so now I am pretty sure this is what it was.

I have edited annother of my videos of them. I honestly have so very many it will keep me busy for quite some time.
This one is of Harry and Elspeth eating a chicken wing. I may be odd but I like to watch them eat, I find it very interesting

I hope that you like it!

Wednesday, January 6

Good morning world!

For some reason I cannot stop waking up at 3am. Today unlike yesterday though Harry was sound asleep hugging Elspeth so I decided to edit another video of him from yesterday at silly o'clock in the morning.

So later in the day when the sun was actually out myself and my partner decided that we should take Harry and Elspeth for a walk in the snow.  Yes they may both be really hate snow thus far but we figured that it is best to jump in the deep end.
We put their harnesses on and two leads (on on the harness, one on the collar. I am really worried somehow they will slip one and run off.) and off we went.
My partner went out the door and Harry was quite sure he did not want to follow but then he was picked up and placed in the snow and he seemed okay with it.
Next up was Elspeth. I went out the door expecting her to folllow. Nope, that was not going to happen!
I then decided to pick her up and put her in the snow, that she did not like either as she just stood there looking at me like I had just done something really bad. At this point Harry and my partner were about 10ft away from the house so I thought maybe if I walked she would get the idea...Nope! Instead she ran back into the house.
I decided after that that maybe if I ran with her she would get the idea that outside was fun. Well she started to walk with me the opposite way to Harry. I was quite impressed with her but then we got to a mound of snow and she stopped dead, sat down and looked at me really pittyfully as if to say 'Mummy, I am done with this sillyness, take me home.'. I tried to get her to continue our walk to no avail. I even lifted her over the mound but no she had had enough.
I picked her up and cuddled her. Now this, this was what she was after. Nice, warm, cosy human cuddles.
She was quite happy to stay out now she was being carried. Harry however was quite the opposite. He was taking his human for a run in the deepest snow he could find; Jumping, bounding and looking very pleased with himself.
After a while it started to snow again. This Elspeth and Harry dd not like. Harry lowered himself as close as he could to the ground and Elspeth hid her head hunder my scarf. It was time to go home.

As soon as Harry saw the door he ran again and floped on the door step panting out of the snow. Elspeth just could not wait to get back to her duck down quilt next to the radiator.

So it looks like now it's mostly falling snow that is the issue which is okay. I mean I do not mind carrying Elspeth everywhere, she is so little and cute!


Tuesday, January 5

The fox and the video camera

Today I woke up at 3am as I could not sleep. Thankfully I know Harry is always happy to have some extra play time.
I went down stairs to get a cup of tea and grabed Harry a raw chicken wing from the fridge and thought seeing as I am up I may aswell get my video camera.
When I went back upstairs I let Harry out, gave him the wing which he oddly took to a sleeping Elspeth and then he returned and lept on my bed.
I have known for a long time that Harry and Elspeth hate my video camera and whenever I tired to film him he ran off so I decided to see how much he really hated it. I snuggled down into my quilt, turnt on the camera and pretended to sleep...This is what he did:
Thankfully the fox and the camera did not hurt one annother but it was quite amusing to watch.