Tuesday, January 26

Harry takes a bubble bath

This morning I was in the bath, like most other mornings when I do not have to go to uni. It was lovely and warm, I used loads of wild cherry bubble bath and it was so relaxing.

Harry was walking around next to the bath as he is terrified of the Bengal cat who at this point was sitting outside the bathroom door thus, Harry would not leave the room. (This has been our morning routine for about a week now.)

Harry often likes to look in to make sure I have not drowned and that the shampoo has not eaten my head.

So Harry put his paws on the side and looked in, I smiled at him as I assumed he was doing his normal thing but then he suddenly jumped into the bath!

I was totally taken by surprise and curled up at one end of the bath while Harry was smiling away swimming around!
I got out of the bath, wrapped a towel around myself when I called for my other half to look after Harry when I got my video camera.
Harry continued to swim around the bath in circles looking very pleased with himself until the camera beeped when I turnt it on and he jumped out.
I was just so totally amazed that he firstly wanted to have a bath with me and secondly likes to swim!
Really did not expect this.

I am now hugging my wild cherry scented fox who is still chuffed with himself.


  1. He looks good wet. Next time turn the camera on before stepping into the room. Also can you turn sound effects off? Some cameras have that option.

  2. I can't turn them off but I will make sure to turn it on before next time. I was all in all shocked and tried to do everything quickly, silly me.

    I shall use the same bubble bath again next time as Elspeth has been sniffing him loads, I think it's working how so many men with their after shave would and actually attracting a female lol!