Tuesday, September 4

I forgot to mention. . .

With all the stress and worry of Akiko's leg I think, scratch that I know that I forgot to tell you all about something wonderful that happened to the Flashman family. . .


On August 13th Barbie and Inari blessed us with three new family members, two of which you can see in the above photo. 

Oh this photo you can see all three of them with their mother:
Kits 2012

The photo had to be heavily edited as she has them right by some bars so whenever I photograph them the shadow of the bars covers them. The most important thing is that you can see those cute little feet! 

I swear these are the most guarded kids EVER as they have their Mother, Father, Aunt and Uncle looking over them 24 hours a day, it really is the sweetest thing. 

So, yes I hope to update you all with lots of photos and videos of them whenever I have the chance. 

I feel so lucky to have them and all of my other fur kids, they are all so very wonderful! 

Sunday, September 2

Post op radiographs

So Akiko is doing really, really well which I am really, really, REALLY happy about. She had a check-up on  August 24th and Marie, the vet said that she was doing well.
Akiko is still having to stay pretty much out of action but she is becoming accustomed to this and pretty much accepts it without getting all depressed. She is also now totally off medication and does not seem to be in any pain which is wonderful to see!

It was actually quite odd on the 24th as that morning Akiko really was feeling fed up and did not want to take any more medication so she lunged to bite my partner but he moved out of the way. We can totally understand her feeling this way as having tablets shoved down ones throat twice a day is noons idea of fun. Anyhow just after that my partner put his thumb in her mouth to hold it open which Akiko seemed to think was him giving up so she started to chew on his thumb hehe. Thankfully her back teeth are not sharp so it did not hurt him and Akiko seemed happy to finally get her own back at him hehe.

Here are her post op radiographs for those of you who are interested:

Akiko post op

Akiko post op

And as shown in the last post here is what it looks like from the outside:
The day the bandage came off

It is actually a fair amount less pink now but I have no new photos as I don't really want to upset my little princess with my camera flashing in her face.