Tuesday, December 28

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone!

We are so sorry we did not post on Christmas day but we have been very, very busy celebrating Christmas on three days with three groups of people (and animals of coarse). If I never eat Turkey again it may well be too soon and I think Harry and Elspeth feel the same as by day three they were turning their noses up at it.

So what did Harry and Elspeth get? Well they got some toys from their favourite company. Now the reason I say it is their favourite company is that they love every toy I get them from Play-n-squeak as the toys from there make the most annoying sound (or at least I find it annoying, you can hear it here: http://www.playnsqueak.com/) and they seem to withstand being pounced on, thrown across the room, shaken vigorously and chewed very well. We got them the 'Ball of furry fury', 'Dangle mouse', 'Spring fling' (which I had to screw to the wall in their bedroom as when they flipped it over they gave up on it) and a few 'mouse hunter' toys which they like very much!


Inari and Kitsune got some kitten toys as the fully grown cat toys seem often to be to big for them but Sprite ran off with half of them within 30 mins. Oh well, at least they like to play together! I also got them some morio worms but they have those every other day so was nothing special really, they just had more then normal. I filmed Inari eating some a few days before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUzQYDG5dhk (You can see their "Ball of furry fury" at the back of the cage.)


My partner got me some wonderful gifts including an ornament of two red fox kits, a plush little red fox and 'Biology and conservation of wild canids' which is a VERY interesting book, I actually started reading it the second I unwrapped it. Of coarse the first thing I read was 'Corsac foxes' (did you expect anything else?), though I have read most of it before in various other places over the years there was one thing I had not read before which was: 'One limiting factor is snow height in winter, as the species avoids areas where snow height exceeds 150mm'. Well now I know why Harry and Elspeth will not go out in the snow for love nor money and why they go nuts when they see it falling from the sky; it's what they all do! It is good to know that my kits are not totally crazy hehe!

December seems to be the season of foxy love as Harry and Elspeth will not leave each other alone. They are constantly grooming each other, curling up together and playing with each other it is so cute!

Well we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Harry:The flash woke him up so he was in a mood.