Tuesday, October 25

Fennec fox Vs Papillon round 1

Sprite, the papillon has become more and more fond of playing with Akiko the fennec fox the bigger she grows. I think now Sprite is not as worried as she was before about breaking the tiny delicate little fennec.

As always Sprite will only play rough on a bed or sofa which is great as I am quite sure that if they played on the wood floor someone would get hurt. 

Akiko is getting quite good at understanding how to play, she knows that is Sprite squeaks she should let her go. 

I took a few photos of the two of them last night along with the above video, I hope you guys like them!:

In the last photo Akiko's eyes are the oddest colour, they are not like that normally before anyone asks.

Though Akiko may understand that when Sprite squeaks it means to leave her alone she has yet to learn that when I squeak I mean the same:

My poor toes! 

You may have noticed the red patch on Akiko's thigh? That is from her red feather cat teaser, she slept next to it the other night and it dyed her fur and I cannot wash it off so she is stuck with this red patch for now. I do not think I would mind so much if it was a funny colour but that it is red makes her look wounded! Maybe I can pass it off as a Halloween costume on the 31st? hehe! 

Thursday, October 20

Akiko's tower.

It is not just Sapphire who has a new house, she is not even the only one to have two new houses as young Akiko the fennec fox has moved up in the world quite literally:

Akiko in her tower

I had ordered her a ferret nation over a month ago but the company seem  to have never sent it but thankfully they gave me a refund which was great as the same day I managed to scoop a critter nation which is basically the same cage for half the price! Until the Critter nation arrives young Akiko has my sisters old ferret cage which is okay for now but I would never go out of my way to buy one for a fennec. There really is not much room to play and it is hard to get her out without encountering a ramp on your way.  This cage is great as a gap filler though. 

One of Akiko's favourite things is the tiny new bed I got her:
Akiko's new bed

It is meant to be for rats and chinchilla's but it seems just perfect for a young fennec:

Akiko in her tower

Look at those ears!:

Akiko in her tower

Akiko in her tower

I was really worried this morning when I went to give Akiko her breakfast of live Moreo worms as when she stood up one of her hind legs was all red! I thought she was hurt but then I noticed that the red that was on her leg matched the red of the feathery cat teaser that I have dangling in her cage, above her bed! Sometimes I think my foxes have a competition to see who can worry me the most. 

As Akiko gets through 24 moreo worms per day at least and her parents get through twice that my partner decided to try his hand at 'farming' them, he has been doing this for about a month maybe. He is also growing meal worms. 

The meal worms are going really well however the moreo worms just seemed to be getting bigger but not changing into pupae so we read up how to encourage them to do this and long story short he now has 4 huge, disgusting white pupae. When he showed me I ran out of the room screaming. I had thought spiders were the only thing that could do that to me but apparently not! Learn something new every day. . . 

I would end this entry by showing you all a photo of these disgusting, wiggling things BUT as I will not go near them let alone plaster their images all over my blog I will end today with a photo of Inari who, like the pupae is nearly white but he is awfully cute;
Fennec fox- Inari

Even if he was being a grump! 

Tuesday, October 18

Sapphire's 'house'.

Today started as any other day, I woke up, got out of bed and started my walk to the bathroom however today I noticed something a little odd; There was an Arctic fox who goes by the name of Sapphire sat at my bedroom door, the same fox should have been in her outside enclosure that we built for a week before. 

I was initially quite confused as to how she had magically materialised in my room as the bedroom door and windows were locked yet upon going to wake my partner to inform him that Sapphire was some sort of wizard the muddy paw prints on his side of the bad gave it away. 

"She was cold" he told me when I asked him why exactly he had brought her in "she is too. . . portly to fit in her kennel". After a discussion about how Arctic foxes are from, well, the Arctic and that she would be fine on a chilly Autumn night my partner said that if she has to sleep outside we should get her a house for out there to which I agreed. I had planned to buy her a kennel anyway just the local pet shop had none bigger then the one she was too big to fit into in stock last I visited. 

Once I had fed and watered the foxes and dogs I went out to go to the spa with some friends and decided that I would pick Sapphire up a bigger kennel on the way home. 

About four hours later I returned with what I thought was an amazingly large kennel which I was sure my partner would be so very pleased with. I decided to walk around the side of the house to where Sapphire's outside enclosure is to start putting it together as a surprise for them both. 

When I got to Sapphire's outside enclosure and walked in I was met by a shed! I had no idea what it was doing there but there was a shed in her enclosure which, I believe was shedless when I had left earlier in the day. There was the sound of a power stapler coming from inside so I wandered around to the door of the structure to find out what was going on. "What do you think?" my partner asked with a huge smile on his face "It was the biggest I could fit in the car". I asked him why there was a shed in Sapphire's enclosure to which he replied "It's Sapphire's house, remember you said she could have one". I went to the side of the shed where I had left the box containing the kennel I had bought her and dragged it to the shed door "hun, this is a dog house" I told him. He informed me that Sapphire is NOT in fact a dog and so she did not require a dog house. I asked him where exactly it said that an animal smaller then a dog needed a shed to sleep in and he told me to stop being silly and to come inside the shed. 

I was actually very impressed with the shed, sorry, I mean Sapphire's house. 
The 'fox house' is 6ft by 8 ft so quite large but not too large as her enclosure measures 15ft by 30ft. My partner showed me how he had bought adhesive vinyl floor tiles and had put those down to make it easy to clean and how he had put a doggy door into the shed door so Sapphire could come and go as she pleased but would not get 'cold' , he had stapled mesh to the first 2-3ft of the wall to prevent her from pulling she shed apart and he had stapled an old blanket to the window so that it would remain dark in there for if she wanted to sleep when it was sunny (he loves his little girl). 

All in all I was very impressed with Sapphire's new bedroom but had no idea where to put her new kennel. My partner liked the look of the kennel I had bought and said that there was one thing still missing and that she needed a bed SO we constructed the kennel and put that inside the shed SO Sapphire now has a kennel within a shed to sleep in. 

The only thing still missing was young Sapphire herself who had been relaxing in her old bedroom inside the house while the shed and kennel were erected. 

My partner went to get her while I stuffed her kennel with straw and lavender scented sawdust (I normally use it for my dormice) and some of Audrey's old cloths. 

Upon seeing her new palace Sapphire was quite weary and only actually entered with help as she had no idea how to use the doggy door. I don't blame her there though, it is not normal to head-butt something that looks like a window and have it open hehe. 

After a while she seemed quite fond of her new room and brought her Swiper the fox toy from out on the grass inside and then into the sleeping area. 

I think she is impressed with it even though I clearly put the straw in the wrong place as two seconds after I left the shed she had strewn it EVERYWHERE! 

Here are some photos of her in her 'house':
Sapphire's outside house within a house 049

Sapphire's outside house within a house 048

Sapphire's outside house within a house 047

Sapphire's outside house within a house 046

Sapphire's outside house within a house 043

Sapphire's outside house within a house 042

Sapphire's outside house within a house 039

Sapphire's outside house within a house 038

Sapphire's outside house within a house 035

Sapphire's outside house within a house 033

Sapphire's outside house within a house 032

Sapphire's outside house within a house 031

Sapphire's outside house within a house 014

Sapphire's outside house within a house 013

I think Sapphire is a very happy little girl now. 

Tuesday, October 11

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

I totally forgot to scan these back in February when I got these very, very cool WWF envelopes with matching stamps.
Now I am not nor have I ever been into stamp collecting though I can see the appeal as each stamp is a mini work or art. Take for example the envelope that the envelopes I am about to show you came in:

Envelope of envelopes

Okay the cow ones are funny but still they are little bit's of artwork.

How I found the envelopes is quite funny.
I had been to Budapest last December and wherever I go I get a patch and in Budapest we were having real trouble finding one until we stumbled upon a stamp shop. When we went inside I did not really look around and just bought my patch and left.

In February, so 2 months later I found out that WWF brought out a set of stamps and envelopes with Corsac foxes on them so I decided I MUST have them. After a quick search on Google my partner found them for me. . . from the stamp shop in Budapest that I had been in in December! SO the reason that the patch is the thing obscuring our address is as I got it in the same place as the contents which I thought was pretty neat!

Now without further a do here are my WWF Vulpes Corsac envelopes:

Spring & Summer:

 Spring summer

Autumn & Winter:

Fall winter

And as you cannot see the stamps very well I found this close up on Google images:


I wish people used these all the time. I mean even bills would not be too bad if they came in envelopes covered in the images of adorable little foxes!

Sunday, October 9

Valla - Britain's next top model

Last night when I stopped blogging and decided that maybe it was time for bed Valla did something I had never, ever seen a non human do. . . She bit her tongue!

Now you may giggle, I actually am right now and it did look funny when she did it as it was like she forgot to put her tongue away BUT having such very big, sharp teeth it actually was quite worrying. There was blood, not much but blood at all makes me worry with my kids, mostly with my fur kids as with Audrey my only non furry kid I can sort out but with my fur kids the exotics vet is over an hour away and is not open in the middle of the night.

ANYWAY the blood that was coming from her tongue looked like far more then there was as she is blonde and it had gotten on her fur and combined with her drool had covered her face. She was a bit freaked out so ran to my room and sat in my closet. (She likes hiding under my dresses when she is in a mood.) When I picked her up out of there she snuggled into me and started licking my hands. It did not take me long to notice she was licking my hands as she could not lick her own tongue so this was the best she could do as the blood from her tongue was going on my hands and she could lick that off. A little while after she stopped licking my hands she decided to try to lick in my mouth as she did not see why I was not licking her poor tongue better! This was a wee bit too much so I passed her onto Sprite who was more then happy to help her best friend.

So Valla is all okay now, she was just a bit worried as was I but she was back to running around with Sprite a few minuets later however she still felt a bit sorry for herself.

Prior to the tongue incident Valla had seen me putting a jumper on Sprite who wanted to go in the garden but was so very cold. Valla did not understand why she was not being treated the same, why she was not being put into a jumper so she decided to run off with one!

It was very, very funny as she looked at all of Sprite's clothing for a while until she decided that the brown jacket would be perfect for herself. (I think it was the golden coloured buttons that closed the deal.)

I called Valla back to me and she came, reluctantly as she was quite sure I would be upset with her. I then went to get the coat from where she had hidden it.

As Valla sat on the bed watching me as I put the coat away I decided to let her try it out. I was being unfair not letting her join in and she seemed to think I had decided Sprite was now my favourite as she looked very unhappy.

Foxes normally do not care if you want to involve them in things but Valla really hates it when Sprite does anything she is not allowed to do or gets things she is not allowed to have so we normally make sure not to do that, the girls always have the same things.

SO I put Valla's new harness on her which seemed to be a hit as it has little diamant√© bit's on it and then I put the jacket on her. I would NEVER have thought a fox would be so happy to join in with a dog wearing clothing!

Valla spun around on the bed and ran down the hall after Sprite, I would suppose to show her how she was doing the same thing. Sprite seemed confused as to why Valla was so excited about just wearing a jacket and retreated back to my room. Valla was not far behind.

As I had my camera on my bedside cabinet I decided to take a few photos.

Autumnal colours

Autumnal colours

Autumnal colours

Autumnal colours

Autumnal colours

Autumnal colours

I posted a few of the photos on Facebook and a friend said that Valla would look nice in pink so as Valla was already having such a good time trying out Sprites wardrobe I let her try on a pink jumper too:

Pretty in pink

As you can see I was not holding her lead, she was too busy bouncing on her favourite trampoline in her stylish new togs to care hehe.

Pretty in pink

Valla noticing that she had her lead on.

Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Oh no she's found Sprite's morning treat bag! I just love the 'hunting' foot hehe.

Pretty in pink

Practising her zombie eyes ready for Halloween.

Pretty in pink

Her show dog pose. You have no idea how hard it is to get her to stand like that. It involves allot of treats hehe.

And here is my beautiful girl in just her new harness:

Valla's new harness

Valla's new harness

Her brush is so fluffy! It is not as long as Rudi's but it is so poofy I just adore it!

I just wanted to say that I would never have put Valla in the cloths if she did not want to. Unlike Sprite she has a winter coat on her naturally and thus has no need for winter wear, I just let her try them on to join in with Sprite and as you can see she enjoyed it.

Valla's new harness is the same as the one Freyja had but in black opposed to pink. It is mean to be for adult cats but it is still way too big for Valla even on the smallest settings. You can see how much of her is just fur.

Poor Akiko, like Sprite has no winter coat but also has no winter coats so she has stolen my stripy hot water bottle:

Akiko in bed

Earlier today I had quite a shock as I was peeling mangoes to dehydrate for Audrey's lunch and Rudi jumped on the kitchen counter, took a mango skin and ran off! I was totally amazed that he managed the jump with but 3 working legs and more amazed that he managed to land on his 3 good legs!

He does not seem to impressed with him mango skin but he will not give it up for anything, not even a chicken wing as I think he is proud of himself for getting it. . . I must be honest, I am proud of him too.

The fennec formerly known as ' Princess '

So as 'Princess' go older and we had to use her name more often ("Princess, drop the sock!", "Princess don't poop there!" etc) we decided that we really had to change her name.

We had planned to for some time but it had become quite urgent as Valla, Sprite, Elspeth, Sapphire and even my 7yr old human daughter Audrey were becoming increasingly annoyed with me telling them off for things they did not do as I have a habit of calling all my girls 'Princess'.

I tried many, many names and none seemed to stick and I constantly caught myself calling her 'Princess' so I asked for help on Sybil's den (http://www.raskbb.com/sybilsden/) and Facebook where many people gave me many ideas but none quite worked until 'the_unstable' on Sybil's den posted a link to a website with Japanese names.

After many hours sat there with 'Princess' on my knee I tried many, many names and eventually narrowed it down to two: Akiko which means Autumn or Bright child or Kimiko which means happy beautiful or noble child.

With the help of Kimberly Deverell and her Japanese language skills she was able to tell me that the meanings were correct and I chose Akiko (Bright child).

SO without further a-do here is Akiko the fennec fox kit:


We also gave her a brand new (also her very first) collar to go with that new name: 


She looks like she 'belongs' now. 

The weather has been so very odd here as of late, this time last week it was 27 degrees and yet now it is so very cold! When it was hot Harry, Elspeth, Rudi, Valla and Sapphire were so very moody as they have their winter coats on and just could not cope with the heat. The fennecs were in their element and were so very happy with the extra days of sunshine. 

Thankfully for our winter wear foxes it has cooled right down which has now upset the fennecs, I just cannot win! Akiko has decided that a cushion on the radiator or one of the cat beds that hooks on are perfect for her: 


Her parents have decided that sleeping atop each other is more their sort of thing. 

Sprite the Papillon is also a fair weather critter and seeing as she has no undercoat and unlike the fennecs does have to go outside to go to the bathroom and go for walks I got her some jumpers and coats: 

Winter wardrobe part 1

Winter wardrobe part 1

Winter wardrobe part 1

Winter wardrobe part 1

When we were getting Sprite her Winter attire we saw the most adorable cat toy which we thought would be perfect for Akiko. It is a cube covered in the same stuff as a cat's scratch post with the shapes of cat heads cut out on four sides with mice hung in the cut outs on elastic. 

Akiko and the mouse cube

Akiko and the mouse cube

I am very glad to say that it is a hit! 

However so too is a the top of a juice carton. . . 

Oh well, whatever makes her happy! 

I must be off as Sprite and Valla are arguing over a jacket hehe.