Tuesday, October 25

Fennec fox Vs Papillon round 1

Sprite, the papillon has become more and more fond of playing with Akiko the fennec fox the bigger she grows. I think now Sprite is not as worried as she was before about breaking the tiny delicate little fennec.

As always Sprite will only play rough on a bed or sofa which is great as I am quite sure that if they played on the wood floor someone would get hurt. 

Akiko is getting quite good at understanding how to play, she knows that is Sprite squeaks she should let her go. 

I took a few photos of the two of them last night along with the above video, I hope you guys like them!:

In the last photo Akiko's eyes are the oddest colour, they are not like that normally before anyone asks.

Though Akiko may understand that when Sprite squeaks it means to leave her alone she has yet to learn that when I squeak I mean the same:

My poor toes! 

You may have noticed the red patch on Akiko's thigh? That is from her red feather cat teaser, she slept next to it the other night and it dyed her fur and I cannot wash it off so she is stuck with this red patch for now. I do not think I would mind so much if it was a funny colour but that it is red makes her look wounded! Maybe I can pass it off as a Halloween costume on the 31st? hehe! 


  1. Where do you get all the foxes? :D I'd love to hear where you can get one <3

  2. Well Harry, Elspeth, Sapphire, Inari and Kitsune came from a broker. Rudi was a rescue and Akiko was bred from Inari and Kitsune.