Tuesday, October 11

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

I totally forgot to scan these back in February when I got these very, very cool WWF envelopes with matching stamps.
Now I am not nor have I ever been into stamp collecting though I can see the appeal as each stamp is a mini work or art. Take for example the envelope that the envelopes I am about to show you came in:

Envelope of envelopes

Okay the cow ones are funny but still they are little bit's of artwork.

How I found the envelopes is quite funny.
I had been to Budapest last December and wherever I go I get a patch and in Budapest we were having real trouble finding one until we stumbled upon a stamp shop. When we went inside I did not really look around and just bought my patch and left.

In February, so 2 months later I found out that WWF brought out a set of stamps and envelopes with Corsac foxes on them so I decided I MUST have them. After a quick search on Google my partner found them for me. . . from the stamp shop in Budapest that I had been in in December! SO the reason that the patch is the thing obscuring our address is as I got it in the same place as the contents which I thought was pretty neat!

Now without further a do here are my WWF Vulpes Corsac envelopes:

Spring & Summer:

 Spring summer

Autumn & Winter:

Fall winter

And as you cannot see the stamps very well I found this close up on Google images:


I wish people used these all the time. I mean even bills would not be too bad if they came in envelopes covered in the images of adorable little foxes!

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  1. yeah.. i don't collect stamps, but i keep the self adressed/stamped envelopes americares sends me