Friday, March 2

Happy Sapphire

Sapphire grooming herself

So sadly I did not get my snow video as it had all melted by the next day. To make up for the lack of snow we got Sapphire a HUGE bale of sawdust for in her house which seemed to make her nearly as happy as the snow did!

Sapphire smelt wonderful from rolling in the sawdust! I think we might have gotten too much as it was enough for a stable but she seemed really happy that it was so very deep and she could hide things in it but sadly like with everything else the novelty wore off and she went back to missing Logan.

I really did not think that she would grieve for so very long. Do not get me wrong, I am still grieving his passing but people say that if the animal sees the dead animals body that they will accept it. I think Sapphire just loved him way too much to be able to let him go.

Since Logan's passing Sapphire and I have become really close which is so very wonderful. You see at first, when she was a kit, she loved me but then she very much became my partners fox which was great as that was what she was meant to be but I will be honest, I was quite jealous of their bond. It is not that Sapphire did not like me it was just that my partner could pick her up and he clearly meant EVERYTHING to her.

Well the more time I spent with her even just sitting with her the more fond of me she has become. I spent allot of time with her before but always with my partner but now I was spending time alone with her and she saw that I am actually pretty damn fun where before she seemed to play with me out of pity as she and her human dad would be having such fun and she did not want me to be left out.

On February 28th my partner and I decided Sapphire was ready to welcome a new man into her life to make her whole again and so we welcomed Slush Puppie into our family. We had ordered him before the 28th but we were unsure if we should keep him in her enclosure as opposed to putting him in Logan's with Sapphire.

Slush Puppie

Slush was named by our 7yr old daughter Audrey who had wanted to name Sapphire and Logan Slush so we though it only fair for her to name this little man.

We have no idea how old Slush is but I am pretty sure he is at least a year older then Sapphire as he is very much a charmer.

When Sapphire first saw him she looked SO very, very happy, ecstatic even! Look for yourself:
As soon as we let him out of the crate they started playing and continued to do so until he noticed the dogs and went to tell them to go away. Once he noticed they were going nowhere he got back to playing.

It was all going very well. Not as well as Logan meeting Sapphire as she seemed a little worried but none the less well. . . Or at least it was until we noticed Slush making a noise like a happy ferret followed by some grunting and the next thing I knew I was having to tell Audrey that Sapphire was giving him a piggy back!

Yep Slush is smooth all right. He is a total little Casanova and when Sapphire climbed on top of her tower where he could not go he started sniffing our Papillon Sprite! I am just glad Sprite was outside the enclosure hehe.

I now feel quite awkward going to see them as if Slush is awake he is randy and poor Sapphire does not know what to do when she is trying to say good morning to her human Daddy and Slush is dragging her rear end off. I was told Sapphire should be in heat in 2 weeks time if not later but it seems we were off by a week or two.

I really hope that if Logan is looking down on Sapphire from the rainbow bridge that he knows that the only reason we got her Slush is as she loved him so much that she would have never been really happy without him here unless we got Slush to try to fill the void he left in her heart. It is so wonderful to see our little girl happy again as in truly happy. It's wonderful to go out and see her playing with him or him grooming her.

Sapphire and Slush