Thursday, January 14

Tastes like chicken!

So at silly-o-clock at night on January 12th I was woken up by Harry and Elspeth. Their crate was making a horrid racket so I turned on the light to see them 'at it' for want of a better word.

They have been doing this allot as of late and I just turned off the light and left them to it.

So about 5 mins after I hear Elspeth YELL. Now she never normally makes any noise bar her good night gekkering but this was like she was being killed. I turn on the light and get her out of her crate to see that Harry in the throws of passion or just after has bitten THROUGH her ear!

It was very bloody and she was not fond of me cleaning it (I still did of coarse).
Harry was also not fond of me snatching her away as he was giving me horrid looks when I was trying to stop the bleeding.

I am very confused by this, why would he bite her like this?!

I posted about it on a forum I am on and annother fox owner thinks Harry may have been trying to bite her neck as most animals do when they are *cough* and missed.
I had thought this could have been possable so now I am pretty sure this is what it was.

I have edited annother of my videos of them. I honestly have so very many it will keep me busy for quite some time.
This one is of Harry and Elspeth eating a chicken wing. I may be odd but I like to watch them eat, I find it very interesting

I hope that you like it!


  1. So I assume that Harry and Elspeth will be having little ones soon? (:

    Good luck!

  2. Nothing as of yet, when Harry wants to Elspeth does not and when Elspeth does want to. . .Hell she never wants to hehe.