Saturday, January 23

Yay for healthy eating!

A few weeks ago I was in the pet shop and I spotted a dog food called NatureDiet.
This was by chance as NatureDiet is a wet food and I seldom go down the wet food isle. It stood out as it was in a tray unlike most dog foods and it also had a tag on the shelf saying what the ingredents were.

I was curious and read it and it all looked quite good!:

Minimum 60% Real Meat

All our menus contain a minimum 60% meat content, except Senior/Lite Diet which has a higher vegetable content in order to lower calories.
Certified Holistic Product
All Naturediet menus are certified by the British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine.
May be Fed Warm
Naturediet menus may be fed warm if preferred.
100% Gluten Free
Ideal for dogs who require a gluten free diet or those suffering from skin sensitivity.
Highly Digestible
Containing only natural ingredients, Naturediet menus mirror the dog’s preferred natural diet.
No Artificial Ingredients
No artificial additives, preservatives, colourings or flavourings.
Affordable Quality
The cost of food is the biggest indicator of the quality of ingredients used.
Naturediet produces quality food at the most affordable price

So I started mixing this with their fave ferret food, some blue berrys, some kale and they love it! I mean this is amazing, it is good for them AND they eat it!

They both have always been very active but they have also both gained weight which is great. When I first got them the vets key worry was that Elspeth was very light I did not want to tell anyone so as noone would worry. I knew I could fatten her up and yesterday at her check-up it looks like I have hence the high praises for this food. Also it is not fat she has gained but muscle which is also good news.

Both Harry and Elspeth also get a chicken wing each before bed. The bones clean their teeth and I would never sleep without brushing my teeth so I figure they would not want to either.

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  1. She looks good. My dogs get a bite of pork rib before bed. They wont eat raw chicken.