Tuesday, January 5

The fox and the video camera

Today I woke up at 3am as I could not sleep. Thankfully I know Harry is always happy to have some extra play time.
I went down stairs to get a cup of tea and grabed Harry a raw chicken wing from the fridge and thought seeing as I am up I may aswell get my video camera.
When I went back upstairs I let Harry out, gave him the wing which he oddly took to a sleeping Elspeth and then he returned and lept on my bed.
I have known for a long time that Harry and Elspeth hate my video camera and whenever I tired to film him he ran off so I decided to see how much he really hated it. I snuggled down into my quilt, turnt on the camera and pretended to sleep...This is what he did:
Thankfully the fox and the camera did not hurt one annother but it was quite amusing to watch.

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