Thursday, December 31

'Harry , look the sky is falling!'

A few days before Christmas I woke up, walked to the bottom of my bed to let Harry and Elspeth out of their crate then preceded to my window to open the blind.

I thought it was quite cold but only upon opening the blind would we see why.

As far as I could see the countryside was covered in about two inches of snow which might amuse american readers but that's quite deep for England and the snow was still falling!
I walked over to Elspeth, picked her up and showed her the snow. She froze for a second then tried to run away. This was very unlike her. Normally she is quite partial to a morning cuddle.
I placed her on the floor and she ran to Harry who was sitting trying to see out the window. The two of them had quite the conversation and ran off under my bed not to emerge again until I was ready to go down stairs.

So the four of us went down to the kitchen and had breakfast like normal and then into the living room where I thought it would be nice to go out for a walk in the snow and let them explore their finally finished enclosure. I put on Elspeth and Harry's harnesses and leads and went out the door only for the two of them to get level with said door and run back inside and under the sofa! I then got a hand full of snow and tried to show it to them under the sofa where a tiny little Elspeth nose appeared followed by Harry's. The looked at the snow, sniffed it and off they ran again back into cover.

It was a very odd thing to see as in the wild Corsacs come from regions that have snow and I really do not imagine in the wild Corsacs spending all winter in their burrows because snow is scary!

Anyway I gave up my dreams of taking them on an arctic adventure around the grounds and instead went on my own.

When I got back I my feet were soaking and freezing. It would appear that New Rock boots however pretty are not water resistant so I took them off and went to put my slippers on only to find that they had been taken into Elspeth's collection of goodies as I had left them within a foot of her crate. (I put them in their crates when I go out to prevent then hurting then selves or my home.) I then went to open their crate and saw that Harry had the Sky remote!

We went on with out daily playing, cuddling and what not. I tried to wrap my Christmas gifts for people and Harry decided he wanted to help. Every time he stood on the wrapping paper he wiped it due to his claws (which are meant to be kept long, it's a Corsac thing.) so I got through a whole roll of wrapping paper on one box of chocolates!..Oh well at least Harry had fun hehe.

The faces Harry pulls when he eats:

(Last one made me laugh!)

So yes that was their first snow and no they really did not like it!

I must now go, my partner is trying to entertain two foxes which looks ...painful hehe!



  1. Not to be snarky but I feel that it is very cruel to keep these foxes in captivity. Just b/c you obviously have the money for this doesn't make it right, imo. Seems like these poor foxes are just for your own amusment. I think this is a horrid practice & should be outlawed.

  2. Corsac foxes are meant to live!
    In the wild it is a rare thing for them to live even past the age of two where in captivity they live upto and past the age of 15. They are hunted by people and turnt into coats in the wild! Is that a better 'life' for them? I think not. Harry and Elspeth have everything they could ever want in my care and there is no way any harm will come to either of them.
    I would love to know why you believe that the care and preservation of an animal should be outlawed.

    It is better to be alive in captivity then dead in the wild.