Thursday, December 3


Well hello everyone!

I am so sorry I have not blogged in a while, myself and the foxies have not been up to much and I lost my camera so I had nothing to post.

What we have generally been up to since I last posted is sorting out little issues. These are things like how foxes tinkle in their water bowls. I sorted this out by getting a bowl holder with adjustable height. I now have their food and water just high enough that they cannot mess in them but they can still reach to eat and drink.
This was a tricky thing to find as they are generally very big as they are normally used for tall dogs but I found one for Terriers which seems just right.

I then sorted out Elspeth's need to dig everything everywhere. You see she had been keeping me up at night as she wanted to dig in her crate which has a metal floor so this made a total racket. I watched her one night to see why she would do this. It was quite amusing as poor Harry would be trying to sleep and he would get their blankets thrown atop of him! Elspeth seemed to be trying to bury her treats that she had earnt through out the day. I knew she was stashing them somewhere I just did not know her trips to her litter tray were really to hide goodies!

I found a treat that neither of them wanted to stash but instead would eat right there...Puppy food. How odd is that? The moist meaty chunks seem to be perfect. They have nothing bad for foxes in them, they are the puppy ones so they can be eaten quickly and I can carry quite allot of them and they have added calcium as another bonus! They both go mad for these and they come in a cereal sized box so there is quite allot in there. As treats they work out quite cheep but if like the box suggests I used them as a complete food they would break the bank. So anyway since giving these to the two of them they sleep at night after their bedtime chat, no more midnight treat hiding, YAY!

Speaking of their bedtime chat Harry and Elspeth have totally come out of their shells. They actually talk to us which is great. It seems the noises they made before was their version of whispering. Now they talk at a normal volume and their language is...amazing. They have a huge range of sounds which they use in just a normal conversation. I have not yet heard them being mad but I am sure that would have yet another sound. I made a sound bite thing for you all last night so you have some idea what I am on about. There is no picture as it was filmed in my bedroom when I turnt off the lights. I tried turning them on and filming them but they stopped talking then. It seems it is just a little chat they have just before going to sleep and if I turn the light on clearly I want to play some more.
So this coming out of their shells seems to mean that Harry is now my boy. Yep, my beloved Elspeth, my little princess has decided she likes my other half, her daddy more then me. She now follows him all over the place and gets upset if he goes to the bathroom as she is not allowed to follow and will run to our bedroom and wait for him under the bed. I think she loves him for his shoes. She has stolen quite a few of them and she likes it when he chases her for them.

Harry however has become a soppy little chap. He likes to sit on the bed and be fed his dinner by hand. I guess it makes it fun for him. He also still enjoys Peek-a-boo but extreme peek-a-boo. He now comes right up onto the bed or the sofa, depending where we are at the time. He now the same as Elspeth comes when he is called. It really is great! I can call him to follow me anywhere if he is not already doing so. They both have trouble with stairs though, neither of them can cope with them. They start out well but then they are a tangle of legs. Neither of them get hurt but it's interesting to see how they try to figure out how to use them.

Even though I seem to have swapped foxes with my partner I am still very happy. I love them both so very much I do not mind which wishes to spend time with me.

I read earlier in the week that Corsacs are easily habituated to humans which I must admit seems to be true. The more they see that we provide for them they closer our bond grows and it is not just material things. It is also things like is Harry is shaking his head allot and clearly has an itchy ear I will scratch it for him, if he closes the door to his crate when we are playing and needs to get in to use the litter tray I will help him. All of these things along with food, shelter, love seem to bring us closer.

I shall endeavour to write this blog as often as I did before now that I have found my camera.


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