Monday, December 28

New video!

For Christmas Santa got us a new video camera which is great as I lost my camera which I used as a video camera.

Last night I decided to film Harry and Elspeth playing around on my bed. They were not feeling very cuddly but they were quite playful.
I am really glad that the new camera adjusts to light and did not make the whole room look red.

I also had some photos of Harry and Elspeth 'fixed'. As you may notice on quite allot of the photos their eyes are a funny colour. Well that is not the colour of their eyes naturally so a friend of mine fixed a few for me, take a look!





I had quite a few more done but let me know what you think. He wantes to try again but spend longer on them so that Harry and Elspeth still look like they have a soul behind thie eyes.

Well I must be off. I have about four hours of fox movies to edit.


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