Tuesday, March 15

March madness!

Gosh February/March has been such a busy time in the Flashman house hold. The african pygmy dormice have had a total baby boom with 14 babies currently having to be hand tamed, 7 of which were from one mother so our largest litter yet! We also got a pair of asian garden dormice which I have wanted for quite some time. Though they are not much smaller then a rat I seldom see more then a tail hehe.

Inari and Kitsune have both been doing well and their new favourite food is giant grass hoppers. (They are very icky as when the foxes chew them as they are too big to fit in their mouths you see legs hanging out!)

Now to the Flashmans. Both Harry and Elspeth are doing very, very well, cheeky as always.

On March 4th I had a really bad day; first the tyre on the Jaguar burst and I could not change it as the week before when I got new tyres they did not put the thing to unlock the locking wheel nut back into my car SO I could not get the wheel off. I called the AA and said what the problem was and then I had to wait 1 hour for them and when they finally got to me the guy did not have the right tools to get the wheel off so THEN I had to call a tow truck to come and get my car and tow it to the Jaguar garage. By this point it was 8pm so the garage was closed but he put the car outside for in the morning. I then went home and noticed my engagement ring was gone! I have tiny fingers which get even smaller in the cold so I was sure it had fallen off. I then went and looked all around where I had been in the house and down the street then the next day I looked on the car and where I had to wait for the AA and it was nowhere to be found. I figured it was gone for good and we so unhappy!

A few days after I was going to wash Harry and Elspeth's bedding and as always Elspeth had a silly little fit because I was being mean and taking her bed from her but she was being more over the top then normal about it all and then I notice her Kong is in it so I try to get it out. When I was about to throw it to her I looked inside to see what goodies were in there and there it was, my engagement ring! I have no idea how it ended up even in her room as my other half had let them out when we got home that day and so I had not been in their room!

I took my ring to be made yet smaller the next day so this does not happen again and when I got home I was giving Harry and Elspeth treats and she tried to pull my ring off!

So um yes I just had to share that, seems Elspeth has expensive taste. . . I should not have expected any less from the little lady who on her first week home was already wearing my necklaces hehe.

Both of them are in that odd looking stage between their summer and winter coats. This goes on for so long and everyday I get covered in blonde fur, must be honest though I would not have it any other way!

The photos today are really, really bad as I had to format my PC and now all the card readers have stopped working so I had to take them with my work phone. Shall get the card 'thingys' sorted A.S.A.P.

£190 spent on dormice and all I have to show for it is a tail! :-P

Young african pygmy dormouse.

Harry upset Elspeth when he woke her up under the sofa, thats's his nose on the right.

I put my phone under the sofa and clicked; this is what I got!

Okay now for a game:

Guess who?


  1. I believe that is Harry. :P

  2. Super happy you found your engagement ring!
    Kenti used to try and steal my wedding ring from me. ^^;;

    Hmm...I'm gonna guess that's HARRY! ^^