Thursday, September 22

And then there was one. . .

So here we are 21 days since my last post and my lap is decidedly empty with but one Phoenix kit sitting on it; Princess, who has become very clingy since her brothers Giggles and Churchill and her sister Amali went to their new homes.

Giggles went to a pet home on September 11th, the same day Amali went to live with  and hopefully the future love of her life Pharaoh who is a few months older then her who I had the pleasure to meet at the Ark exotics awareness back in July.  Here are Pharaoh and Amali together:

Pharaoh was the sole survivor of a litter of two kits and I think that is why he seems so mellow next to Amali who grew up with 3 siblings (and a Papillon) to play with at all hours of the day and night. I am sure he will become more accustomed to her idea of play in time. Thankfully she really seems to like him!

Churchill stayed with us  for an extra week before going to his new pet home in Wales. He seems to be having an amazing time with his new family especially his new mum Paula.

Here he is in his new home where his new name is Phoenix:

Doing his favourite thing, eating! I am glad the move did not effect his appetite hehe!
Phoenix: 'Shh I'm hiding! :

And then there was one.

Young 'Princess' took her big brother moving out worst then when her Amali and Giggles left as 'Churchill' was her great protector. He was the ring leader and the bravest of them where she was very much the most fearful when it came to exploration.  Now instead of eating Morio worms being great fun she is a little worried of them and yesterday actually ran away from them! Before her big brother would have saved her but now that job belonged to Sprite the papillon who also does not like them so insects being a staple of her diet was not going so well so we downgraded her back to meal worms which she seems allot less worried about.

Here is a video of 'Princess' and Churchill eating moreo worms:

I think 'Princess' needs a man in her life, not necessarily a mate, just someone to protect her as now she has decided that my partner is her favourite of the humans and will sit and watch him for hours calling to him whenever she cannot see him to be sure he has not gone far. She also likes to sit on his lap but that is tricky as the other lap fox in my partner life Sapphire the arctic fox is SO big he cannot hug them both at once for fear that Sapphire will crush 'Princess'.

You may wonder why I keep writing 'Princess' like that, well I am still not sure what to name her. The other day she was 'Prinseski' as my other half watched something about Russia, she has been Persil as she is small and mighty I just do not know what to name her. Should I name her something Japanese like Inari and Kitsune or maybe something Egyptian? I cannot decide so if any of you have any ideas let me know. My 7 year old daughter thinks Tinkerbell is nice or Tinker but she already named one of my Asian garden dormice Tinkerbell so we can't reuse the same names. I thought maybe Pixie as they are meant to have pointy ears and then I would have Sprite and Pixie. . . I don't know, I like the idea of all the corsacs names matching and all the fennecs names matching. . . Is there a Japanese Pixie?

Here are some random photos of the Phoenix kits last week or so together:

Bath time! 

A visit to see Auntie Nix:
And then there was one: 

I have so many more photos I need to upload of everyone and videos I need to edit but sadly I have to go now, I am falling to sleep at my desk so good night people! 


  1. I'm sure she'll get used to being on her own soon. She sure is a cutie pie. :)

    Well, "Hime" 姫 means "Princess" in Japanese, or, there's the supposed first ever "queen" of Japan during the Yayoi period around 5000yrs ago named "Himiko" 卑弥呼
    That's my idea ^^

  2. Awww. She looks so lonely now. But glad the others have nice homes. They are so tiny and cute.

  3. This time I know that I very cute!^^
    There was also this time I KAEDE. I still remember that at that time.