Monday, December 19

Mr. Sapphire needs a first name

Mr Sapphire

I am stuck for a first name for Mr Sapphire and would love the help of you all. Preferably something that goes with the colour blue as he, like Sapphire is a blue phase Arctic fox. Person with the best name wins 4 Flashman foxes badges, 4 runners up get 1 each!

Flashman foxes badges

So far my other half want's to go for Smurf but I don't see that one happening and my daughter again want's to go for Slush like she wanted us to choose for Sapphire as she likes blue slush puppies but I am not sure. . .

Either reply to this blog post or on our Facebook page with your ideas.

I very much look forward to hearing from you all!


  1. Hmm. Thinking of the colour Blue always reminds me of the Ocean or the Sky.
    I recently named my new boy bunny Kaimu, which means Ocean Dream.
    My ideas are:
    Kaito (Ocean)
    Kairi (Ocean Village)
    Sora (Sky)

    That's off the top of my head. I can probably think of more if needed :)

    P.S He's lovely!

  2. Opal? Topaz? Azurite? All blue coloured gems, goes with Sapphire :D


  3. Lapus Lazuli is a deep blue found in Afghanistan and a few other areas on the Middle East. It's a stone, that was ground to create the paint color Lapus in ancient and medieval times. They would also cut it to make mosaics.

  4. How about Lunae? It's Latin for 'moon', as he he looks kind of the same colour, and saying "Sapphire and Lunae" has a nice ring to it. There's also "Amnis" which means river in the same language.

    There is also an old Omaha native american name: Mimiteh, meaning 'new moon', as he's making a new start in the best place he could be right now.


  5. how about...
    for arctic
    for fox in spanish

  6. I don't know of a name, but he's certainly a handsome dude, Elina!

  7. Shale and Smoke come to mind, or maybe Jasper.

  8. How about Indigo and call him Indie for short, or Cobalt, and shorten to Cobie? I love your blog; thank you for sharing your Foxies and Sprite with us~

  9. Stal - Russian for steel.