Monday, January 9

Mr Sapphire finally has a name!

Yes you all read right; Mr Sapphire finally has a name!

After weeks of trying different names out we have settled on a name and oddly enough it was one of the very first we tried. I guess it is like a wedding dress where you normally end up wanting the first one you ever tried on.

So without further a do I shall list our winners!

In third place is Michelle Roderick with Denim.

In second place is Laura Jane Nolan with Hinto.

And our winner of the Mr Sapphire needs a new name competition is

Nicola Carter Barnes

If the winners could please send me a message on here or Facebook I will get your badges off to you A.S.A.P. 

Thank you all for your wonderful ideas but there could only be one. 

I have of stuff to tell you all about the foxes over Christmas but I must be off to feed everyone their dinner. 


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