Sunday, April 1

One month and four days


Today it has been 1 month and 4 days since Slush arrived and turned Sapphire back into the happy go lucky girl we all know her to be.

I must be honest, I was worried to post in-case something suddenly happened to him like with Logan, I just did not want to jinx it.  Silly I know but with the luck I have had this last year I was just so worried.

A few days after we got Slush we took him to the vets. He is 100% healthy which was a real weight off our minds. Not that we thought anything was wrong with him, more that we just wanted to be sure. The vet believes Slush to be between 2-3years of age which makes him a fair bit older then Sapphire who is not yet one but I don't mind, so long as Sapphire is happy I am happy.

This last month has been really interesting to watch as Slush has been worming his way into Sapphire's heart. He started with grooming her, then he started hauling blankets from inside their house for her to sleep on in the sun (shame he does no take them back in when it rains hehe), then he noticed that Sapphire likes to give kisses so he kisses her (on the lips and everything) which is all quite romantic!
Outside nap area
For a while I was not too sure if his ways of winning her over were exactly working. Sapphire was not sleeping curled up with him and as he is unable to jump atop her level she was sleeping more and more often up there as though she was trying to escape him. I would not actually be too surprised if she was trying to escape him as for every romantic thing he would do he would then try to hump her which Sapphire was not a fan of. . . Mind you Sapphire was not exactly innocent in all of this, she is very much a little flirt!

One morning after I had heard Slush doing his mating call nearly ALL night I went to a window which faces my garage and Logan's old enclosure which is where they are housed and to my surprise I could see neither of them! Had they escaped?!

I quickly donned my robe and ran to their enclosure as fast as I could calling "Pie? Pie?" my slippers were getting muddy as the lawn was still damp with dew. I fumbled with the keys and the combination lock as I was so very worried. Once I was inside the enclosure I was not greeted with my customary morning kisses and screams of delight! Where were my little princess and her new prince charming?! I ran to their shed and opened the door to my relief curled up in the XL dog bed which was atop of the kennel, my fur balls were okay! Sapphire looked up at me with a HUGE smile on her little face as she stretched her front paws out. I walked over still shaking from worry and cuddled her tighter then I think I have ever cuddled her as she let out a little squeak which she does not normally do (oops, maybe a bit too tight). Slush continued to sleep which was odd as he is normally very much on his toes when I am around.

How on earth Slush managed to get up there continued to be a big mystery to me until a couple of days ago when I set aside a few hours to wrestle him into his collar. It turns out scrabbling really does help where your jumping may fall just a little short. . .

So it looks like though it took him a few weeks Slush is now allowed to sleep in the same bed as Sapphire at bed time however nap time is still a no-no if it is warm outside. If it is warm Slush is expected by Sapphire to sleep out in the sun while she will have the whole shed to herself! . . . Well I never said Sapphire was not greedy.



On March 28th I got Slush his first bale of hay. You may wonder what exactly is so great about a bale of hay for a fox, they are not rabbits, they don't eat it. Well instead of merely eating it they rub against it to help them remove their winter coat, they roll in it to smell nice, they pounce on it as they like the sound and the feeling under their feet, they make nests with it. . the list goes on and on! I honestly think a bale of hay is one of the more fun things one can give a fox. I actually filmed Sapphire and Slush playing in the hay for you all to enjoy!

Some of it is cut quite randomly. This is as Slush was being his randy self and as I do not like seeing that sort of thing I did not think any of you would either.

Love you sis!

Today my daughter Audrey was spending some time with Sapphire. They spend allot of time together every day and have become very close. I would go as far as to say they love each other:


Well today Audrey wanted to make a video for school talking about Sapphire and how they are the best of friends. . . Well it did not exactly go to plan. . .

It started well enough, Audrey was not worried about talking to the camera:

But then as if from nowhere Slush came out of the house and tried to run off with Audrey's jeans, pulling them down in the process!:

Thankfully Audrey was not at all upset with him and actually found it all to be hilarious! 

Well I must be off, it is 02:30 and I must get some sleep as must the foxies:

 Two in the bed


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  1. They are beautiful! And they look so happy. I love the look on your daughter's face in those photos..Ha! Loved watching the video!