Wednesday, March 3


On Monday the 1st of March a new member joined our family, a Papillon puppy by the name of Sprite.

Sprite is a mothers day gift for me from my 5 year old daughter and my partner. She is wonderful!

Harry and Elspeth are quite taken with her. As she is very small they seem to understand that she is a baby and so they are both very sweet to her. Harry likes to lick her face. I am not totally sure if he is kissing her or grooming her but they both seem to enjoy the activity.

Elspeth likes to talk to her which is odd to see as obviously puppies do not gekker....

The one thing that has been a problem is that when Sprite 'talks' she sounds like a squeaky toy which is the one sound that both Harry and Elspeth are terrified of. I think they are getting accustomed to her slowly.

I have not yet allowed them to see one another when 'loose' all meetings have been with the foxes in their sleeping crate or the puppy in her travel crate but I will soon allow them to run freely around the house together.

I am really impressed with Harry and Elspeth's behaviour around Sprite as after my mothers dog tried to attack before I thought that they might despise her but that has thankfully not been the case. In fact Harry and Elspeth seem to have made her an honorary fox as with all the grooming of her Harry has done she now smells like them and my mothers dog had no idea what to make of her! She also cries when she cannot see her beloved foxes hehe. Really happy with their relationship so far.

I made a video of Sprite's trip home and shall film her with the foxes when I have the chance.


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