Sunday, February 21


Last night I felt horrid and I do not mean the horrid which means 'a bit under the weather'. 4 am and suddenly I was shivering but I was not cold and I felt like I was going to be sick and the feeling was not going away. I thought it may have been tiredness but I have been more or less nocturnal for a few weeks now due to a work placement.

Harry walked up to me and tugged on my slipper that he had only the day before half removed the sole of, this means 'Play time mummy!' I lent down to take off my slipper to play with him and I got all dizzy so I sat up again. Harry was not impressed so he went to play with Elspeth, or at least I thought that was what he was doing. No sooner had he gone off and he was back again with Elspeth. She pulled down the floppy sole and licked my foot then tried to pull the slipper off as Harry had. I did not go to play as I did not think it would be fair to get their hopes up so Elspeth wandered off to see her Daddy. Harry sat looking confused at my slipper 'Why is Mummy not playing?'.

He sat like this for no less then 15 mins then he started to sniff my feet, I still did not bend down to play. Harry then pulled and pulled until my slipper came off, picked it up and placed it on my knee.
I had no idea what I was to do with it. I waved it around a bit half heartedly but Harry did not grab it. Instead he put his head on my knee and looked up at me 'It's okay Mummy , you have the slipper. You need it more then I do' . He then climbed up onto my knee very slowly and delicately and sniffed my face. I am not too fond of him going near my face as he and Elspeth are still not 100% tame so I gently pushed his head away. He seemed to take a little offence to this as he picked up my slipper and walked off to see Elspeth.
The two of them played for a while but not with the slipper. My foot started to get cold and I wandered over to pick it up on my way to the sofa to lay down for a bit.

Once on the sofa laying down a felt a cold nose on the bottom of my foot where my slipper had flipped open, that would be Harry. He jumped on the sofa, climbed to a bit of free sofa, curled up and fell to sleep.
I dozed off knowing my other half would not let Elspeth or Harry get into trouble.

After I had been asleep for a while my other half brought me a blanket and was going to put it over me but thought it would be best to move Harry first so when he woke up he would not worry about what the red thing was over him.
My partner slowly went to pet Harry to wake him up nicely but it would seem Harry knew there was someone sneaking up on us and when the hand was in range Harry bit it!

Now that was a new way to wake up 'Babe! Babe wake up! Your fox is stuck on my hand' less pleasant English. Thankfully he was not 'stuck' and he let go but none the less my partners hand was streaming with blood through tiny holes. Harry reversed into me with his nose all scrunched up staring at my partner. I told Harry he was a 'bad boy', put him in his crate and went to help the wounded.

During this short time the blood had stopped and there were just these holes in his hand so we just cleaned them up and put a plaster or two on them. 'Silly fox, you would think he was protecting you the way he was going on' said my partner which got me thinking, maybe, jus maybe he was...

I sat down, though the cat nap had helped a bit I still was not feeling like my normal self. Harry looked at me from in his crate. I was not sure weather to go and see him or not. If I went to see him maybe he would think what he did was 'okay' so I sat on the sofa and thought about his actions.

I have read that fennecs sometimes love everyone when they are young and then just their 'favorite' person when they grow up but Harry had not been with me as long as the fennecs I am talking about had been with their owners.... Maybe he was just taken off guard.. But that still does not explain him joining me on the sofa. Yes they do often watch TV on the sofa with us but this was different, and then add his actions on my desk chair...I hope he has bonded with me to that extent but I don't know...

When the sun came up it was time for bed so off we all went to bed. The foxes have taken very well to my changing shifts but I am sure they like myself and my partner look forward to when I work 'normal' hours...well for a Doctor at least.

At about 12pm I could not sleep anymore due to my cat nap with Harry and, thankfully I was feeling much better. I accidently woke my partner when I went for a shower so we decided that we would go to the Cinema to see 'The Wolfman'.

We got to the Cinema 1h early so went to Ikea to waste some time. We walked about for ages and bought loads of stuff we did not really need (such as the 3ft tall vanilla candle that is still in the boot of the car). But one of the things we bought is great! It is a small dog/cat tent! I saw it and thought of Harry and Elspeth.

I shall put it in their bedtime crate later otherwise I know the cat will decide it is his.

The tent has this odd Camo on it, look:

I have not spotted a fox on it yet.

Dog nose on the right belongs to Valentine.

Wonder what 'Bastis' means? There was annother tent there with a totally different name so I doubt it means 'tent'.

Well I must be off now, TTFN!

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