Sunday, February 7

Oooh there is a part two!

There is a part two to Corsac city! ( ).

I had not seen it as it did not come up in my search but I am no good with any of this internet 'stuff' so you all probably found it already.

Today was quite amusing in the house of Harry and Elspeth.

Myself and my partner are not feeling too well at the moment so I could not go diving tonight which was annoying but it meant I got to spend the evening with my two favourite foxies!

My partner decided that we would watch Predator as he had just gotten the AVP box set thing with all of the Alien movies and all of the predator ones. Though neither of us are very much into aliens and that sort of thing I do like a good movie, in this case the movie was not very good but at least I now know that people are talking about with regards to it.

So the four of us (me, my partner, Harry and Elspeth) were in our living room watching it and until now I had no idea our surround sound was at all good.
Both Harry and Elspeth were jumping when the guns fired and when things exploded. They also both looked at the ceiling when a helicopter was coming in to land. It was quite amusing and the two of them had quite a bit of fun running around looking for the things making the noises. Harry looked for all of the low down things where Elspeth looked for the high up ones, it was very funny to watch.

Earlier in the day our living room had become a kind of junk room as we were doing some spring cleaning. Now normally when people do spring cleaning they firstly do it in the spring and secondly they do not have hordes of airsoft guns which they pull out. (Airsoft- )
Our living room looked like it belonged to some kind of arms dealer!
Elspeth was interested to see what these new 'things' were on her seat.

So right this moment Harry is somewhere under the sofa and Elspeth is hugging her daddy, how cute?!

(Elspeth- 'I love you daddy')

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