Tuesday, February 16

Bah humbug.

A few days before Valentines day I got Harry and Elspeth each a heart shaped cushion. They are pink and red. I did want to take a photo of them each with them but they were not in the mood for photos. Elspeth really likes both cushions and has decided they are hers and hers alone and now guards them with her life from anyone/thing that goes near them. It is very strange as I did expect her to pull the filling out of them but she has not done anything bad to them, they are her treasures.

Elspeth has also become some kind of clean freak as when I cleaned out their bed time crate the day I got them their cushions I put down a nice clean cream fleece blanket on the base and put some fake red rose petals on it to make it look nice for the photos I wanted to take. Elspeth has decided that these scented petals are messy and has put each and every one in her litter tray! She would not allow these 'things' near her new cushions!

The other day I was in the kitchen with Harry and Elspeth when I was cooking italian. They were playing with one another on the floor and all was going along like normal until I opened the Italian seasoning.
This Italian seasoning is a blend of Sesame seeds, Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary and dried garlic. It smells really, really nice so I tend to use it quite allot.

I was very silly that day as I went to the fridge to get something and suddenly the jar of herbs was on the floor and Harry was on the counter looking at me with his nose all covered in flecks of green.

During the whole 30 seconds my back was turnt Harry had decided that he too thought the herbs smelt awfully yummy and he wanted to see if they tasted yummy as well so it would seem when he had his nose in the jar my turning towards him made him jump and knock them on the floor.

The floor was COVERED in herbs and very oddly Harry and Elspeth decided they were half vacuum cleaner and went along eating them off the floor. In about 2mins you would never have known anything had happened to the herbs as the floor was totally herb free however Harry and Elspeth both had green noses and smelt very nice.

I have now decided that the Italian herbs will be added to all of their meals just not a whole jar, just a tea spoon. Since the first time I added it they have been even more enthusiastic about their food then normal, they really seem to like this new addition.

I am quite annoyed right now as I had arranged to get a second pair of Corsacs from mainland Europe and I was told that I could have them but this morning they were sold to someone else...

I had chosen names and sorted out quarantine, I had arranged to go over to collect them and for a friend who speaks the language of the current keepers to come with me to smooth things along...Bah humbug!

I was told that the other people offered more money but if he had told me this maybe I could have sorted something out.....It's just annoying that he had said they were mine...

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