Friday, February 5

Corsac city

I was looking up information about Corsac breeders the other day and I came across this: , a storey about Corsac foxes!!!!

I was amazed that someone had actually written a story about them. Most of the storeys I had found were about reds and wolfs and such. This one's main character goes by the name of Ainur,. When I read it I imagined him looking like Harry. I think we can all agree that Harry is a very handsome fox so that is not a bad thing hehe!

I also imagined the Vixen being our beautiful Elspeth but again she is as I said seconds ago, beautiful so it works.

So yesterday Harry and Elspeth had an outing to go and see my friend Mario who has an Italian restaurant. They were very excited to be out of the house and in a village. Normally when they leave the house they step straight out into the countryside.

When we got there they were greeted by a waitress who seated us and went to get Mario. The restaurant was empty, we chose to go at this time so as not to freak Harry and Elspeth out. I know how much they like pasta and will stop at nothing to get it so I suppose we also chose this time so as not to worry the humans.

Mario came out of his kitchen and greeted us and then Harry and Elspeth. He had brought some chicken out of the kitchen to give them to show that he is a friend. He chatted to us and petted Harry then returned to the kitchen.

Harry and Elspeth had a bowl of spaghetti and tomato sauce for lunch. You could tell they enjoyed it by the red noses and lips when they raised their faces up to see if there was any more food for them.

The two of them then rested under the table until it was time to leave.
We then went home.

When evening rolled around Elspeth wandered off upstairs and I followed her. She jumped on my dressing table and nosed around. She sniffed my perfumes and body sprays and then went n to sniff all of my make up piece by piece. She seemed to be being a good girl so I left her on the table for a moment when I went to the bathroom. Upon my return she was sitting in her bed time crate with something in her paws. I had no idea what it was but she was chewing it. I climbed into her crate to take it from her and I heard a 'POP!' come from the mystery item and a shocked Elspeth looked up at me with pink all over her lips, nose and whiskers. The item was a lip gloss, a neon pink lip gloss.
My did she look a state but I must admit I have seen humans with less skill in the application of make-up so I should not laugh....But I did!

I went down stairs with Elspeth to show my partner and Harry what a state she was and to my amazement Harry actually helped her groom herself to get it off. Then it occured to me that maybe, just maybe that is why drunk woman cover them selves in lipstick while in the bathroom at night clubs; it must be to attract a mate to groom them!...Okay that is probably not why but it worked for Elspeth!

I felt quite out of place in my living room that evening as the two of them lay in front of the fire place licking one another faces. I did not know if it was rude to look but I did not want to pay no attention to them in case Harry went to get a lip-gloss as well hehe.

Well I must go now, Elspeth is eating one of my slippers with my foot inside!


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