Tuesday, November 16

November 13th 2009- Present

Oh gosh it is hard to think that Harry and Elspeth have been part of my family for one whole year. . .and three days as I had no time to post anything on the 13th (forgive me?).

Everyday I learn something new about them; for example I did not know until yesterday that Elspeth could jump over a four foot barrier in a single pounce and then proceed to dismantle said barrier until she managed to get to the chair that the barrier was protecting! How bout that?! That is one hell of a skill to manage to hide.

I also learnt recently that Harry who always tries to steel a sip of my coffee is quite happy to have his very own coffee cup but filled with water as long as he THINKS it is mine and I do not want him to have it.

A few months ago I moved Harry and Elspeth into their very own bedroom. I decided loosing my duvet to a cheeky fox every night just would not do so now they have their own room with their own sofa and their own duvet which they like very much.

On the 13th to mark their birthday we had a little party with their favourite foods (pheasant, duck, venison and rabbit), unwrapped their gifts, looked at photos of them from their first year with us, played with and tried on their gifts and just had a nice family evening. I made a slide show for those interested the link is:


Harry and Elspeth are the most wonderful fur kids a girl could ask for and I am so happy to be part of their lives.

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