Wednesday, July 27

Phoenix kits: First photo

So a few days after my last post our fancy IR nest box camera with sound and all of these other high tech things arrived. I was very excited to give it a try so when I fed the fennecs I set it up.

I tried to put it on the edge of where the kits are and Inari attacked it so then I decided to put it on a tripod away from where they are but looking in. Inari lunged at it allot though could not reach it. He then picked up all of the kits and moved them! I was so worried he was going to kill them so off and away went the camera.

The next morning they were back where they began snuggled up to their Mummy thank goodness! That is my lesson learnt for now, no filming baby fennecs.

So I more or less left them alone for a could of days bar feeding them and checking to make sure they were all okay. They moved the kits from the rabbit hutch to their ferret nation that was in my office before. The doors are always open with ramps attached so they just come and go as they please.

As they did not mind me looking at the kits so long as I left when Inari told me to I decided to take a photo.

You can only see three kits in the photo as the third is below the very harassed mother. For some reason they have shredded a puppy training pad and put it in their bed, if I was them I would have used one of the old towels or blankets as bedding but I think with how often the kits cry for them they must have such little sleep that they just used whatever was closest.

A few days after that I decided to use the super duper fancy camera to film them for a moment. The video is really, really bad but at least you get to see them.

Yesterday they turned 2 weeks old so I decided I would play with them for a little while. Their parents did not seem to mind me picking them up too much. They are so very cute and very. . . chunky shall we say so their mother is doing an amazing job with them! Two of them have started to open their eyes, the other two have not but that is nothing to worry about. It is so hard not to play with them all the time!

I shall try to get some more photos soon.

I have also made the foxes their own website! Please become members and let me know what you think in the guestbook. I shall be attempting to upload all of my photos onto there over the coming weeks.
Here is the link:


  1. OMG they are soooo beautiful. Cute cute kits!! I love seeing your photos.

  2. Awesome little family you have there. Love your videos.