Wednesday, August 3

Sapphire, Phoenix kits and more!

So the other day we decided to take Sapphire out in the garden but once more we decided to go to my other half's parents house as their garden is enclosed.
She seemed to really enjoy the cool morning grass, the sights and the smells. She was quite interested in the pond but it was all green for some reason so I showed her that it was much more fun just to play around on the grass.

It seems to Sapphire that myself and my partner are there for two very different reasons; he is there to provide her with breakfast, and second breakfast and if she makes those puppy eyes third breakfast. I however am there to play games with the most important of which involves her rolling onto her back and whining until I tickle her tummy and then roll her (as she is quite round form all the breakfasts) from side to side telling her she is a little piggy to which she will smile and squeal happily to herself.

I find this all quite odd as normally I am the one our animals see as the cuddly one, not my partner, normally he is the fun one but I must say I quite like being the fun parent!

Now the following photos are far from impressive as I has been rolling around in the grass with Sapphire but this is the happy little Arctic:

Now you see that HUGE smile on her face? Now that is not from catching a mouse or even a butterfly but instead from catching a leaf, a brown (we would later find to be crunchy) leaf.

We made a video too:

Now not everything has been sweetness and light in the land of the Flashman foxes, in fact at one point it was quite worrying;
Our female fennec fox who just 3 weeks ago had a litter of four kits had had enough, she picked up the babies and dumped them all around her bedroom and went to escape from them up a scratching post and would not come down no matter how much they cried for her so we pulled the kits. This was one day before we were advised to do so but they clearly needed someone to feed them as no matter how much Inari put them back into bed she was not going to return.

When we picked them each up they were much more chunky then they had been even days before, I suppose I could see why she had abandoned them; four babies each about half your size draining you of milk 24-7 must have been such hard work. Now that I am the one feeding them I can see how much milk they can get through and how very quickly.

So without further ado here are the Phoenix kits!:

These photos were taken last night when they had one of their night time feedings.

Yesterday morning in the post something, well two things I have been waiting for a while for finally arrived Sapphire's sapphire collar and Valla's ruby collar (I could not very well leave my princess out could I?). Their collars are of coarse not real diamonds or Sapphires or even ruby's but I thought they looked nice and seeing as the girls are foxes they do adore shines!

Sadly Valla's is FAR to big but with any luck she will grow into it in the near future.


  1. Sapphire sure does look proud of herself with that leaf. She's such a cutie. The fennec's are looking super cute too! I'm surprised that she would just leave her kits calling for food, but I can understand the drain they must have on her body.
    When mom's cat Kitsu had 5 kittens, she was escaping every chance she got after they turned 3.5 weeks old. She always came back to take care of them, but she would leave for a good few hours. She's having kittens again soon, and she's super skinny still from her previous litter, so I'm a bit worried about what might happen.

  2. Your kits and Sapphire are completely gorgeous, Elina :-)

  3. Sapphire is so cute and happy! The kits are adorable. You sure got your hands full...ha!

  4. Gosh Kimberly I am amazed she is having kittens so soon, the last litter were super cute! I really hope all goes well.
    Kat I know she is like a living teddy bear hehe, I always want to cuddle her but Valla get's upset.
    Yep Ginny I very much have my hands full!