Saturday, August 20

Fox kits. How cute?!

So a few days ago I went on an outing with Valla, Sapphire, Sprite and the Phoenix kits to my friend Alice's house for coffee and catching up.
Sprite and Sapphire had an amazing time playing in Alice's garden:
As you can see that Sapphire has her harness on but no lead. This is as she seems perfectly fine in enclosed gardens without either as she cannot climb nor jump very high. She is also quite slow in a straight line due to her legs being pretty short in proportion to her body.

It amazed me how much she has grown in such a short space of time!
This was her on July 16th:

She now dwarfs Valla! 

The Phoenix kits also enjoyed their trip but I did not take many photos of them as Alice did not want her photo taken and she was hugging them CONSTANTLY! 
Here are some photos of them the night before:
That is Princess behind my Dad's arm. All of the fennec kits adore my Dad but to be fair I have never met an animal that does not like him. 
Churchill yawning! 
Churchill exploring the play pen. 
The playpen they are in is actually for rodents but it is more then big enough for them to play in.
Churchill climbs over giggles as apparently going over is much better then going around. Giggles does not look like he agrees hehe!
Giggles recovering from being trampled by his brother.
There were four in the bag (well carrier) and the little one says 'Where we going?!'.
'Guys! It's not sleepy time!'

It amazes me every day how fast they are growing. It amazed me with Valla too but I have seen these little ones from day 1! 
I am currently trying to get them into the idea that the camera is not evil and the litter tray is the place to go to the bathroom. . . We are having more luck with the litter tray then the camera hehe. 

About two days ago a lovely play pen arrived for the fennecs which makes it so that I can have the fennecs, Valla and Sapphire in the same room without having to worry that one of the older kits will try to play too rough with them. 
Valla loves this new system: 
She loves just laying on the top watching them. She comes to get me when they make noise too which is adorable. 
She has been playing with them through the mesh on the sides too. Valla will run up and down the room and the kits run up and down their octagon. 
Sapphire does not give a damn about the kits, so long as she has someone to play with she is happy. 
Harry and Elspeth really like watching them through the baby gate but I know they really are a bit too big to have around them. 

Have you ever wondered what four sleeping fennecs looks like? 
They look like four little rabbits:
Have you ever wondered what one sleeping fennec looks like?
That is Princess who is the fennec that I am keeping. The thing is I don't know if I should name her Princess. When I hug her and call her Princess I get Valla, Sprite, Sapphire and Elspeth trying to get to me as I call them all my little princesses. . . I had wanted to name her Hatshepsut but that is a bit of a mouth full so then I thought Pharaoh as Hatshepsut was a female Pharaoh but a friend's male fennec is names Pharaoh so it could get confusing when we talk SO I will probably call her something Japanese like Inari and Kitsune I just don't know what! 

Here are some random photos of the foxies for you all to enjoy:


  1. They're getting so big! I love their faces, they're just too cute. ^^

  2. How about "himemiya" - Miya for short?