Monday, August 8

Mummy, I am all ears!

So two days ago the Phoenix kits ears started to rise, then then yesterday they were a little more upright and now one of them has her ears the whole way up and the other 3 are not far behind her!

Little girl last Tuesday 21 days old:

Little girl today at 27 days old:
(She is the one on our left.)

The little guy in the back on the one below is called Churchill, he was 'Grumpy' but now he is not at all grumpy but he just looks like a Churchill.
I am sure when he goes to his forever home his parents will pick a much more adorable name for him but for now Churchill suits him to a tee!

Here is Churchill leading his 'troops' out of bed and to breakfast, the other three follow him everywhere!

Today the kits tried solids for the first time, they had turkey mince (the same sort us humans eat) and Greek yoghurt. They seemed very into the yoghurt but not so much into the mince, I am sure they will like it more when they work out that you eat not walk through it! 

At the moment the are sleeping most of the day and all the way through the night which is really good. After walking the 7inches to their yoghurt they were exhausted and went right back to bed once I had burped them and there they fell to sleep for AGES before coming back out to explore and have some milk. 


  1. Awww! They look so cute with their ears up.

  2. How do you do!
    They are very lovely children!
    I as well as you have bred fennec.
    For me, living together with them is very glad.