Monday, August 29

Nom nom nom nom!

The other day the fennecs were eating their dinner and I decided to film it. We all know fennecs can be pretty loud as adults right? Well the phoenix kits are also pretty loud and they were only 6 weeks old when I made this film AND their mouths were full!

They are so cute and so very funny I watch them for hours when I have the time.

People have asked me allot what the fennec kits have been eating and normally I just reply bugs and turkey/chicken mince but actually they have a few more things such as live meal worms and baby food. . . Yep you read right, baby food.
The fennec kits were having awful trouble with their veggies so I decided to purée them which they loved but made such an awful mess in the blender that the dishwasher did not do well at removing and I HATE cleaning the blades by hand as I fear I will cut myself SO I bought them baby food as it is pre blended. They have Plum brand Spinach , parsnip and basil which I mix into their ground meat. They have tried the parsnip, apple and pea but that did not go down so well and they seemed to try to avoid it when they were eating.

I bet you are wondering why the fennecs have salt on their food, maybe it's a bit bland for them?
Hehe nope, it is actually taurine and calcium which I sprinkle on their food I then mix it in and then it becomes this:
A brown icky mess. . . But they like it so the vomit inducing look of it can be excused. 

The Phoenix kits have their food in the same bowls most people use for reptiles as they are shallow but also hold a fair amount. They have a flat base too which means their food is not spilt everywhere when they eat which means I have to clean up after them a little less. . . Only a little though. 

Wesley Kenyon owner of a has decided to attempt to slander my name as I am sure anyone who has ever read his blog or joined his website will know. I am not like him and I know I do not need to go around spouting nonsense to gain friends but anyway here is my side of it all: 
It also has other breeders views on him after he too messed them around. 


  1. Hi Elina~
    The Phoenix kits are getting so big! They sure are cuties.
    Sounds like a big fiasco has been going on though. It's terrible that so many people have had to deal with such immaturity.

  2. Hi hun!
    Yep they are very big now! It is truly amazing to think that 8 weeks ago they did not even exist!(Outside of their mother of coarse hehe).

    Yes this Wesley thing has made me so very angry but thankfully I know most people are not like him and out there to mess people around.
    I am so glad that Megan who knows Wes knows in real life told us what happened to all of his prior foxes and also the husky, he had lied to so many of us but he often would contradict himself with new lies so he was soon seen for what he really is.
    He has now tried to drag so many breeders and just people in general into the dirt with him that I do not think anyone can believe a word he says.
    Now just to get Fable a nice new home where he will not be traded in for the next cute thing.

  3. LOL! It's amazing to watch baby animals grow up. My mother-in-law's cat just had kittens about 2 weeks ago now and they already look bigger and are starting to open their eyes! Her chicks and ducklings are growing fast too. They've tripled in size since I saw them last.

    Unfortunately, when someone like that gets caught in a lie, or even SEVERAL lies like he has, their reputation is completely ruined. No one will ever trust him because of it, and they'll doubt everything he says from now on. It's not something that goes away. It follows you. I knew a girl that lived across the street from my parents, and she was a pathological liar. Her parents don't trust her, and she's lost just about all of her friends. It really was sad, but they dug that hole, and they need to turn their lives around.

    I hope you find a forever home for Fable soon. After all this, he really deserves a loving family.