Sunday, April 11

Bed time crate

On April 17th I am going away to Canada for a family wedding at Lake Louise in Alberta but guess who can't come? Yep Harry and Elspeth so they are going to be babysat by my Dad. Last nigth my partner and I moved their sleeping crate into our spare room so they could get accustomed to not having us with them 24/7 and sleeping in a different room.

It was so hard to collapse and carry their Great Dane sized crate to the spare room, especially as Harry and Elspeth wanted to know where their bedroom was going. I decided as I was putting it up from scratch that as so many people have asked what exactly is in their bed time crate I may as well show you so here we go!

Well as already stated this crate is made for Great Danes, I shall get the measurements when I find a tape or yard stick.

Their bed is made from a foam pillow, two metal bars and a pillow case.

I have bent the bars so that they hook onto either side of the crate but. Before hooking it up I get a pillow case and cut the corners off to thread the bars through and then I stuff the pillow in. This creates a sort of hammock for Harry and Elspeth as the pillow hangs between the two bars. The bars and the foam pillow give the bed integrity and thus make it easier for them to get onto it.

(Pillow hammock prior to being put up)

(Pillow hammock in place)

Harry and Elspeth also have a small kitty carrier with no door on it to sleep in. They both enjoy playing hide and seek in it and it also gives them another way to get into their hammock and a sort of cave to hang out in. (I say hand out as neither of them sleep in it very often.) I did originally have the crate just placed in there but have started to use cable ties to hold it in place and onto the bars as during play Harry would often spin it whilst Elspeth was inside leaving the door facing the bars of the crate and Elspeth in a foul mood. I filled the kitty carrier with some straw last night for a change from their blankets only to this morning find Harry eating it which made him sick (literally) so I have removed it now.

Annother new addition is that I have put skirting board all around the inside of the crate and thus made it possible to cover the floor in wood litter. I did this as Elspeth likes to dig and even though I have a lovely big tractor tyre filled with sand in their outside enclosure she will not go into said enclosure to use it and that would make far to much mess inside so I decided this would be the answer. The two of them still use a litter tray to toilet in but with different litter inside so they know the difference and Elspeth can dig until her hearts content.

Lastly is their food dishes as they have their evening meal in their crate, litter tray and their toys of which the current fave is rubber treat dispensing ball. I am sure I forgot something...Oh yes two beautiful foxes!

On and just as I thought this was really funny this is how my partners T-shirt looks after 15mins of petting Elspeth:

(Bye bye blonde!)


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