Friday, April 2

Extreme makeover

(Elspeth left Harry right)

Today I am writing to you all from within a cloud of fox fur. Do not worry , no one is hurt but I do seem to be gaining at least two more foxes in fur that is coming off Harry and Elspeth.

The two of them are currently shedding allot as they are undergoing a total colour transformation from their fluffy winter coat of blond and white to a light weight summer coat of red and orange.

Unlike a dog however they are not shedding their undercoat but they seem to be loosing their top layer of fur which I found to be quite odd. Everywhere that they have a large clump of fur that looks ready to fall off when I brush it out or they groom it out there is this vibrant red.

(The first patch of orange on Harry's back)

The texture of this coat is very unlike any other summer coat I have felt on an animal, it feels quite woolly which again I would not have expected.

The two of them look quite odd at the moment as they have random long and short clumps of fur and patched of red and orange.

I took a couple of photos of them cuddling up in bed last night as I think it looks so very cute, it is often hard to tell where Harry ends and Elspeth begins.

(Elspeth and the back of Harry's head)

Good night!

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