Monday, June 6

Outside, the movie!

As promised here is a video of the kit's adventures in the garden.

I combined all of the footage into one video so as not to spam youtube with videos that all look alike.

Pretty sure their harnesses fit well now so I may take them out in the grounds of my parents house, we shall see. As you can hear in the video I am getting a new sink, this is as now there are builders, not just messy decorators doing stuff where I live as apparently there was something wrong with a wall. Now how can a wall make it so I need a new sink you ask . . . Well that was a decourater STANDING' in the sink, yes a fully grown man STANDING in a SINK! *sigh*

Here is a photo of me hugging Freyja. She was asleep until the flash woke her hence she looks a bit. . . unhappy. Memo to self: turn the camera's flash off prior to photographing the foxlings.

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