Wednesday, June 1

Tent swap

Once more I am here to swamp you all with baby/kit photos AND a very cute video of the two of them:

Freyja in Valla's tent! Oh no!!
Freyja eating (?) Valla's tent!
Valla in Freyja's tent!

They are both happy and healthy as always as are Harry, Elspeth, Inari, Kitsune and Rudi. I shall have to take some more photos of the others for you all. They have been doing very little as it has been quite warm bar shouting at the sky when it rains hehe.

As you can see in the video I have gotten Valla a harness, it is a small kitten one and it fits very well. I did also get one for Freyja but it was too small for her so I exchanged it for a cat one which is too large for her so I shall be putting some more holes in it so maybe I will be able to take her for walk around the gardens.


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