Monday, May 30

Good morning!

Yay it's a bank holiday and I actually have it off work!

Today has thus far been quite fun; I got to sleep in which was soooo nice and as I woke up before my other half I got some sneaky photos of where Freyja sleeps.

Freyja unlike Valla is not a very well trained little fox that knows when the snuggle safe heat pas goes in the crate that it is bed time, oh no she is Daddy's little girl so she sleeps here:

Yep that would be her in bed! Sadly the flash woke both her and her Daddy up oops!

I am so glad that her new diet is taking effect and she is smelling a little better, I still would not choose for her to be sleeping in bed with me though hehe.

My little princess sleeps in her crate right next to my bed and wakes up when I wake her which is very nice as she wags her tail like a happy little puppy and screams with delight as she stretches then walks to me to give me kisses. She still does not seem to understand that kisses on the cheek are okay, on the lips not so much! Oh well she is happy and I wash my face right after.

Once Valla is awake I let her get onto the bed to play with Freyja and Sprite. They are so cute together! They play so well, By the time we descend the stairs the three of them are already too tired to do anything!

Last night before bed I filmed Sprite and Freyja playing on the sofa. I do not know why but Sprite will only play with the kit's on soft things such as the bed or sofa. I think it is as she knows they are delicate.

I also took some photos, enjoy!
Sprite warn out after playing with the kits:


  1. Freyja sure is a cutie! she sure is comfy using her daddy as a pillow! haha!
    It looks like Valla has almost tripled in size. Is her temperament changed any since you got her?

  2. Well she is now pretty sure she is the boss. She heards the dogs where she wants them and takes their toys which she would not have done in the beginning but she is allot bigger now. She knows I am still higher in the food chain then her but if I tell any of the other animals off she will come and sit on my knee with this look on her face like 'she still loves ME! I'm not in trouble! Wahaha!!!!'. Other then that she is still all huggable and playful just like when she was 4 weeks old. -Elina