Thursday, May 26

Tummy rubs!

Today when I got home from work before even taking my jacket off I went to see the kits. Valla came running to greet me as always so I picked her up and cuddled her and while holding her close I went to see the fennecs and the adult corsacs. When everyone had said hello I went to see where Freyja was and upon hearing the sounds of 'Rome' the T.V. show emitting from my office I found my answer!

And I just had to play with her!

She is so silly!
Here are a couple of photos of my tiny princess Valla.

Well I think that's all for now!

1 comment:

  1. omygoodness!! heehee! belly rubs! i bet she LOVED that. ^^
    kenti liked belly rubs, but usually it meant we wanted to play, so it never lasted very long. ^^;