Saturday, May 28

Freyja the. . . Silver fox?!

The other day I checked with the Arctic fox conservation group to be sure of what I was thinking more and more to be true and indeed Freyja is NOT an arctic fox, she is a silver fox. (Well they did not know what she was just that she was not an Arctic fox).
Normally I can tell the difference between the two from the get go but as Freyja was sold to me as an arctic the thought did not cross my mind that she was not. (Bar that I thought the white bits were odd and the ears were a bit big, I just figured she was. . . Strange.)
To be sure I asked various friends (you know who you are ) who are as fox obsessed as me and we all agree that Freyja is a silver.

I think one of the reasons she was so stinky was the diet she was on as she is smelling a little better now. I shall still be moving her outside though, we never planned on having a red fox at all let alone inside (giggle) .

The guy I got her from also had no idea, I felt a little bad for him as he must have sold some of the others to other people and I wonder if they will take the news so well as I did. . .

When the man I got her from told the guy he got them from the person at first still told him they were arctic's but then suddenly told him they were 'Siberian silvers' which sounded like he was trying to make silver sound very posh indeed  .

We are keeping her of coarse, she is a lovely little fox. She will be moving outside though as we never planned on having a red fox, let alone a red fox INSIDE!

We are due to collect an ARCTIC (she says crossing her fingers) in 3 weeks time, I shall be on guard this time. I must admit when you spend so much you do generally expect to get what you are after. . . I fear I will be paranoid now when I buy anything and I do not just mean critters .

The main thing is that Freyja is where she belongs:
With her little sister Valla. I am quite sure if I ever parted them I would never hear the end of it from Valla hehe!

You would never guess they were being naughty before they fell to sleep would you?

On a side note my baby girl Valla has been home for a whole month now! Gosh I honestly love her more and more each day, she really is such a special little fox!

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