Thursday, May 12

Playtime for Valla, Sprite and Piglet.

So since last time Valla has been doing great! I am so happy that her face is healing well I think it might be down to all the beauty sleep:

She has also been playing with the dogs allot and I now know the bigger dogs are 100% okay with Valla and her wandering around with them which is so great!
Sprite seems to have decided that she Valla's personal body guard and always watches her. She has also been teaching her how to play, they are so cute!

I told one of my friends that Valentine (one of our dogs) lets Valla bite his tail and he said he would believe it when he saw it SO here we go! Valla playing with Sprite and Valentine.

Valla has a favorite hiding place; under the sofa. It probably smells to her like other corsac foxes as that is where Harry and Elspeth like to hang out. As she often vanishes under there and her being so small and it being so dark we had to find a collar for her with a bell so we would not panic so much. This is what we found:
It is from a chocolate Easter egg that my other half got me. I think we tried every collar in pets at home and none of them fit her but the one on my chocolate rabbit was the perfect size. I only put it on her when she is playing on the floor as I do not want her to catch her paw in it or anything like that when she sleeps.
The past few days Valla has started to grow fur on her paw pads like the adult corsacs which means she slids as though on ice across the wood flooring. She also now comes running when I call her name 75% of the time which is very good but she will not come if anyone but me calls her, I am sure she will in time though. I am so impressed with my tiny fox.

I had to edit this as Valla has in the time I was typing learnt to climb stairs! Look out world, here she comes!!!

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  1. She's so cute and tiny! Love all the pictures and videos you take!