Sunday, May 8

Accidents will happen.

Today I woke up at 6am, and rolled over to let Valla out of her crate.

Valla has been sleeping in a crate for the past few nights as now she is more steady on her legs she is always getting herself into trouble so I did not want her to get herself into bother while I sleep. She still falls to sleep with me in bed but as soon as she nods off I put her in her crate with her toys.

Well this morning I petted her and then picked her up to put her into bed with me for a few mins and when I went to give her a kiss I noticed a chunk of her lip was missing! (Okay chunk is over statement, it is more of a cut but being her Mummy I am allowed to panic.)

I took her to the bathroom and cleaned the wound, there was no blood and she did not squirm, squeak or anything like that so I was calling her my brave little girl when I was being pitiful with tears streaming down my face. I then put her in bed with my other half, called the vet and made an appointment I then went to look in her crate to see what she could have hurt herself on and could find nothing. I also looked all over the floor but there was nothing there and Sprite had been in bed all night so I knew it was not her as I wake up when she moves even an inch. I removed all of her harder toys just in case though I doubt it was them.

At the vets 2 hours later he said that it will heal, it just looks less then perfect at the moment and to just keep it clean. As I took her in the crate that she sleeps in the vet also had a look and could see nothing that it could have been cause by other then maybe she scratched her face in her sleep but it is a VERY deep cut for that. I have filed her nails down just in case it was them.

Due to my job I should have known that it would be fine and what not but Valla is so young and loving I just worry so much with my fur kids and that combined with Audrey having her tonsils out this week and me having a gum infection so not sleeping all the worry from that I think I was just warn and could not step back and think about it. The vet said he did not blame me for worrying as she is such a beautiful little kit and at her age even a tiny bump can be worrying.

On the way home my other half stopped to get Valla some gifts including a snuggle safe heat pad as she loves my hot water bottle and a pop up cat tent which Valla is sleeping in right now.

SO that was a bit long winded but yes Valla had a horrid scratch on her right lip which looks gruesome and I have no idea how it happened but it will get better and she will be as beautiful as her big sister Elspeth in no time!

On a lighter note this evening Valla spent meeting our bigger dogs who she loves which is great! They were treating her like a delicate little puppy and following her everywhere like her body guards. I wonder if she will grow up thinking she is a dog where Sprite grew up thinking she was a fox. . .


  1. Poor Valla!
    You're allowed to worry since your her mummy! That's what a mummy does! When we had Kenti spayed, I made sure she was spoiled rotten for 2 whole weeks (more spoiled than normal...haha!) while she recovered.
    She looks so tiny in that cat tent! :)

  2. Aw I cannot wait to meet her!

    You are such a great mommy. It's only natural you worry. When I had eevee as a baby, she leapt off my lap once and I ran to the vet with x-rays, etc. only to find out nothing was wrong ($300 later)