Thursday, May 5

So much changes in a week

Valla has now been home for one week and I already see so many changes in her.

We will start with how she plays. When Valla first came home she just did not understand it. She had no idea what to do with her toys and looked plain confused when I would wave them in her face but now she adores her toys!:



You can see how even in a few short days she managed to totally get the hang of how to play. Yes she is rough with her toys but all foxes are. I love that she likes to play now as I can play with her for 30 mins and then she will sleep for an hour or more which I adore as it means I get to cuddle her!

On Monday Valla bit the top off her first bottle of the day so I thought that we should try solids. I had just gotten some more ingredients in for Gizmo Burgers and I always buy a little too much turkey mince so I gave her a table spoon of that. She was unsure at first but once she realized you could eat it she was so happy! She was eating it so fast that I had to keep taking it away so she would not make herself sick. I then tried to give her milk in a bowl which did not go so well. She saw the milk in the bowl, gave it a sniff and then put her nose in and kept it under the milk until she blew out through it and she worried herself with the bubbles that then formed in the milk. After about 10 mins of Sprite the Papillon showing her how to drink using ones tongue Valla gave it another try which went well so now Valla eats and drinks like a big fox, I am so proud hehe!

As you will have noticed from above Sprite has been allowed to meet Valla. Well they have known each other from day one. There was no way around that as Sprite sleeps in my bed with me, she has a chair of her own next to my desk at home and she cries when I am not with her. In the beginning Sprite did not know what to do with Valla, the first time she went to sniff her she accidently flipped Valla over which made Valla hate her when all Sprite really wanted to do was make friends. Now Sprite and Valla are getting one quite well and to be honest Valla's hatred of Sprite is why she can walk so well now as she liked to run after Sprite which looked quite amusing. Now she likes to walk with Sprite around my bed and Sprite has been teaching her how to play with others. Valla is not sure why others get to have HER toy in their mouths for a few seconds during play but she will get there in the end.

Language wise we are not doing so well, 'I want my Mummy' is the fennec mating call. . . My partner says it drives the fennecs mad when I am out.

Yesterday she got to meet Harry, Elspeth and Rudi for a moment. She was sat on my lap in their bedroom. She was quite excited and wanted to go and play with them but Elspeth was terrified of her. When Elspeth came to sniff her Valla moved to sniff her back and Elspeth looked like she had just seen a ghost! Harry looked quite Happy when she sniffed him and Rudi watched from a distance. I shall not let her play with them until she is at least 6 months of age as I want her to be big enough to run away if she needs to, not that I think she will need to but you never know.

Today Valla had her first ever shower. I put her in with me as she was calling for me from my room and then from the bathroom floor so it was all I could do to calm her down. She found this to be a odd experience and spent the whole time sitting next to my feet looking up at me. When I shampooed her she looked quite confused but not upset by it, I think that is because she just saw me do the same and I survived. After I towelled her off and put her in a pocket of my robe where she fell to sleep.

I think that you all up to date for the time being, the big foxies are doing great as are the fennecs and Valla is getting bigger by the second!

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  1. It really is amazing how much they change in such a short period of time. When we first had Kenti with us, she would imitate our whistles perfectly. Day 2, she was silent until 4am when she started screaming. Kenti's first "friend" was a 200lb english bull mastiff named Booger.
    They're so fun at this age - they love cuddles and exploring new toys, but boy do they grow up fast!