Friday, June 3


Yesterday after making sure that Valla and Freyja's harnesses fit and they could not wiggle out of them I took them to my other half's Dad's house to explore the garden. I chose to use his garden as it is quite small and has fences that i would hope they could not get over/under very quickly if they did slip their harnesses. The house is also closer to a town and there are far less buzzards and such then at my house.

At first neither fox was interested, they just wanted to go back inside but eventually Valla grew more confident and decided to go exploring where as Freyja spent most of the time just trying to get back inside the house or under things.

I filmed most of the time and took a few photos. I have yet to edit the videos but here are some photos:

Little poser!
Vala-"This green stuff smells. . . Something. . . "
Valla unsure if she is totally into this garden 'thing'.
Um who am I meant to follow. . .
We shall follow Valla.
And get very tangled. . . Why NOT to walk two foxes at once.
Does Valla every put her tongue away? hehehe

I just loved this one hehe, look at those ears!

There are far more photos of Valla then Freyja as she is so much more brave then Freyja.

Will sort through the videos when I have some free time in the next couple of days.


  1. After reading a couple of fox blogs I have began to wonder, why are foxes walked in a harness as opposed to a collar?

  2. We use harness' as the foxes neck can be easily strained from pulling with a collar.

    The harness equally distributes the pull.

    Collars give unpleasant and painful choking sensations to a foxes throat and neck when the fox pulls against the lead. The pain and anxiety that this creates causes the fox to pull even more in an effort to escape the pain at the front of its neck.

    Lastly a harness can have the size altered to fit in two places where a collar only fits around the neck. The second 'loop' means that if they slip the first the second will still restrain them.