Tuesday, April 19

£88.35 later


Went to the pet store today as I needed more kibble for the critters. I always buy in bulk as it just makes life easier and when things are on offer it would just be silly no to. So anyway, I spent £88.35 and got enough kibble for the fennecs and Corsacs for about two months yay!  Tomorrow I shall be making the fresh food for the foxies which requires a trip tp Tesco which I totally hate as it is SO damn busy!!

So this is what £88.35 looks like in kibble:
Okay okay I also got 8 tubs of morio worms and 5 of those giant crickets that Inari and Kitsune like but the bulk of cash was on the kibble.
The chihuahua and kitten kibble are for the fennecs (to be fair the kitten is also for the African Pygmy dormice). They like that to nibble on. They have the puppy/kitten instead of the dog/cat kibble as the pieces are smaller and thus easier for them to eat. It is also higher in fat which seems to help as it is pretty hard to keep weight on a fennec as they are on the go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use Royal canin as even the dog food has taurine which is a must for all foxies. They have the puppy mixed with the kitten as they just like both, damn picky eaters! This is just something they nibble on, their meals consist of other foods including the raw diet I feed the Corsacs (Just allot less of it).

The miniature schnauzer is for the corsacs. They, like the fennecs have kibble to nibble on during the day and once more this contains taurine. Rudi LOVES it where the other two would happily just nibble on it before dinner. I have been gaining Rudi's trust by hand feeding him this kibble piece by piece.

Harry is still in the lead shedding wise with Elspeth coming in second, Rudi is catching up on her though slowly but surely. I cannot go near even one of them without getting covered in fur. I sweep all rooms that they frequent twice a day and yet somehow in-between my sweeping they manage to fill rooms with their fur. Their kitty tower is currently not being used for scratching but instead they seem to mostly be using it to rub against to get their loose fur off, the boys that is, Elspeth has her two loyal man servants to groom her which is quite funny to watch. She thinks nothing of waking them and making them groom her. Her favourite for this is Harry.

It is strange how as the weather warms up the corsacs get more sleepy and yet the fennecs become even MORE active! I did not think they could be any more active but it seems they can, I shall have to take some more photos of them soon. For now here are my sleepy guys.
Harry yawns
Rudi yawns
Harry yawns again!

Harry defending Elspeth's Honour as Rudi was rude enough to sniff her tail! Oh my!
Elspeth shows Rudi how horrid it is to have a cold nose shoved up your behind. Look at that face hehe!
Rudi hides from Elspeth's nose.

Rudi looking totally huggable.
Elspeth also looking huggable, difference is I can hug her.

She is still pretty fluffy for this time of year. . .
And grumpy because of it.
Happy Elspeth!
Rudi looking cute again. The poor pillow is covered in his fur!

Good night!

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