Saturday, April 9

Random catch- up

                                                        (Rudi left, Harry right)

The day after my last post I called another vet who said about the same as the one who Rudi went to see. He advised that it might be best to get the leg removed now other then later though, I also showed the x-ray and video to a friend who is a orthopaedic surgeon and he said it would probably be best to remove the leg. The joint can't properly support much weight but he only pulls his leg up quickly now and then so does not look to be causing him undue distress. That leaves me with the options of leave it, remove it, or a long painful surgery that would just make his leg look better and seeing as neither Harry nor Elspeth seem to mind his leg how it is, as in they are not alienating him I do not see the point in the last option.
(Rudi. Must ask my friend who we are staying with why he has what looks like bubble gum on his wall lol!)
After thinking long and hard about it I have decided that he will be keeping his leg, for now. I mean it is not getting in his way, it is not causing the other two to look at him strangely even though they are aware there is something'wrong' with it and it does not seem to be causing him distress. The only problems Rudi has with it being the way it is as opposed to him not having it at all he will still have if he just has a stump. For example he cannot climb as well as the other two, nor can he run as fast as the other two but he does his best. I also feel it would be unfair to him as the other two accept him how he is now and if he suddenly is missing a lag I am not sure if they will be quite as fine with it. I believe that when he is older if he does still have to have his leg amputated that as his bond with the other two will be stronger they will be okay with it.

So lets see what have they been up to. . .

Well Elspeth seems quite taken with Rudi, she acts quite amorous towards him which is odd as at the same time she does this with Harry which has started to spark arguments, not big ones but when the boys are 'talking' to each other when she is around they get quite mad! I just cannot believe how much of a tease Elspeth is! One day Harry was in my office with me and Elspeth had been in their room with Rudi but then she came to my office and started to groom Harry which in fox language is more or less kissing. When Harry thought she wanted to, make kits shall we say, she quickly ran off back to grooming Rudi! Both boys seem quite confused by her as am I.
                                                               (Elspeth on her tower)

I have learnt Rudi is addicted to television which I would not have expected any animal to be. He actually tells you off if you try to turn it off OR change the channel when he is watching it. I am sure it does him no harm as he still plays with the other two it just seems to be when he is relaxing.

Last week we started to have some work done on our house, one of the rooms getting work done was Harry, Elspeth and Rudi's bedroom so I thought it would be okay for them to maybe try out the outside enclosure I had built for them many moons ago which neither Harry nor Elspeth like. I sat with them in there for a while and they did not do much but then when I went to the house to get a coffee I returned to see my three little foxes stood in the corner of the enclosure in a puddle of their urine shaking like leaves. Before I looked up I should have known what they had seen, a bird. Okay yes it was a big bird, I think it was a buzzard but they were petrified so that was that idea out the window. I picked the three of them up and put them each in their carriers and off to stay with my friends we went. I felt totally horrid for leaving them for even 10 mins in the enclosure but I thought maybe now they are older they would be less worried.

                                                               (Harry bottom, Rudi top)
Spring being spring means more then just both boys wanting to mount Elspeth all the time but also that they blow their coat seemingly starting with Harry. Harry looks like such a runt next to both of them with his total lack of fur. You see foxes do not shed like a cat or dog they totally loose their old coat so much so that they look a little like they have mange! Harry is going in huge chunks from being a total fur bal to looking naked! Elspeth is a bit behind him and Rudi has not started to shed yet. I am constantly hovering up blonde fur and I do not think my lint roller has ever had so much use! When I was a child I had a husky and I thought he shed allot but damn, these little foxies who are way less then half the size he was put his ability to cover everything in fur to shame.

Speaking of which I have yet more hovering to do before I got to bed, wish the Dyson luck hehe!

                                                                     (Rudi - Kisses!)

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