Wednesday, April 20

Strawberrys with a dusting of salt and pepper

Last night when I went upstairs to watch North and South ( with my better half and the foxies I took some strawberries with me. Rudi kept sniffing in my direction when I was eating them and so I decided to let him have one which he ate amazingly fast so I gave him a second which was also eaten at amazing speed so I decided to give him a third once I had retrieved my trusty video camera from my bag. Sadly I think by this point he was about full of strawberries but he did play around with it a bit and have a bit of a chew:

Today my better half surprised me with a set of salt and pepper shakers in the shape of two red foxes. They are TINY and oh so cute! I do not think I will use them as they were intended to be used but instead put them in a cabinet to look cute always.

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