Monday, April 11

Damn decorators!

At home we are getting some work done on the house and one of the rooms needing TLC is Harry, Elspeth and Rudi's bedroom. No it is not as the foxes have done anything to it, we just live in a old house so it needed a face lift.

I had thought the foxes must hate mirrors at they are always making a mess of the closet I have in there but it seems that decorators hate them about as much so in the following photos I am very sorry for the state of the mirror, for once it was not the foxes but a bunch of middle aged men! (They seem to be doing an okay job so I shall not complain too much.)

I think more or less all these photos are of Rudi!
This is how Rudi sits, with his bad leg across him, his paw facing up.
He also has elliptical pupils which is odd as all corsacs are meant to have round ones and be the only species of fox to have round pupils.

You can see above how his leg does not look quite right against his body.

Rudi left, Harry right. Do not worry they are not going to hurt each other, they are however arguing over the fair lady Elspeth.
You can see how Harry is almost fully in his summer coat where Rudi has not even begun to shed.

Elspeth top Harry bottom. You see the chunks of fur? Well thats some of Harry's winter coat and that much just came off from him brushing up against it!

Rudi on their kitty tower.
Rudi top Harry bottom. 'What's that?!'

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  1. Rudi is so stinkin adorable! I just love him :)
    His leg does look strange, but if it doesn't bother him, then he should be okay for a while.
    The photo of Rudi and Harry arguing, it looks like Rudi is saying "say what?!"